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What do we love about Assassin’s Creed Odyssey so far

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(Toronto, July 16. O’kuroku).- The Assassin’s Creed franchise has been around for over 10 years, having its ups and downs. But the new direction they are taking for the more recent games has been working.

They are shape-shifting a linear adventure game to a full blown out RPG, keeping all the juicy stuff that we loved with Altair and folks. I have been in hype for this game since E3 and I have been picking up all the gameplays and info that I can gather around for you to feel the same thrills as me.

“Are you a boy or a girl?”

If I have to make a list, of course I am gonna start with my new favourite gal pal, Kassandra.

Kassandra, for the first time in the AC history will be a FULL TIME female lead character. As her male counterpart, Alexio, She is a remarkable mercenary that leads her own ship and it’s also carrier of a destructive profecy. And she is also super hawt – same for Alexio. If you ask me, Aya was a great way to make us familiar with strong female leads and Kassandra is just following that trail with honor.

But you know the best part of it? it won’t make any difference to the story if you play as a boy or as girl, giving you total equity. This irrelevance applies also to your love options, letting you romance any of the NPCs that are available, whenever you play as Alexio or Kassandra. A world map isn’t the only thing you will be able to explore in here 😉

According to the different gameplays, she will keep all the moves of a savvy assassin’s with an improvement in reflexes and health (she resist better damage). And she can throw an Leonidas kick also.

On a personal note, I find Kassandra’s voice actress to be on the spot. Her accent and the color of her voice, amazing.

… Choices.

Introduced for the first time in the franchise, the option to «Choose» will have more weight than expected. During the dialogues there will be multiple options when it comes to interact, making it possible for you to lie or flirt. But that’s not only it, when you are in a looting spree, If the marker shows red, that mean that you will be stealing instead of just grabbing. If somebody catches you in the act, the bounty for your head will rise.


Naval battles and Full open map

Since you are a successfull mercenary who brings the eagle of Zeus you have full control of your own ship. This enables you not to explore every corner of your map but also drown some other fleets with arrows and spears.

Also your crew will sing songs while travelling. And I find it wholesome and endearing. According to early players – lucky them!- you can also increase the number of your fleet by adding NPC to your army.

I am a bit afraid since I am the kind of person who looses herself exploring the map on Origins and has been killed multiple times by Hippos of a greater level than mine, among other things. Regardless of the multiple sharks attacks I can foresee, I cannot wait to explore the greek islands as well.

Divide and Conquer

We are not yet on Caesar’s time – he wasn’t even planned to be born- but his motto is pretty accurate for Odyssey. During the game you will be invited to deflate the zone of influence of your target before going for their throat. In other words, you will have the option to do a series of tasks  – may be main quest, may be side quests, I am not sure – that will debilitate your opponent’s strengths making them vulnerable. You could also just go there and smash but… hey, why would you want to desynchronize so easily?

by the way, we do not know anything, or very little is being spoken about of what is happening outside the animus.

(I haven’t finished playing Origins so if you know, It will be spoilers for me, so I apologize if the info is missing from this note).

Socrates is here

If you did liberal arts or took a philosophy course in your life, Socrates will be one of the names you will be familiar with. If not, he is considered the father of the western-approach to logic. In other words, he is a big shot, just as Cleopatra, but unlike the queen, he is a chill guy you can approach and interact with. He will be a key element in the choice system as well – and I could not ask for anyone better to fulfill this role than him.

For now, that is most of what I feel is relevant to this moment, we cannot wait to see more as the countdown for the launching decreases.


(I had to do it)


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