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King’s Raid: Because interacting with the community is important too

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(Lechería, June 5. O’kuroku).- Who among the King’s Raid community have not heard about GM Lakrak, GM Luna and CM Frey? However, now it is time to know a little bit more about them.

They have the responsibility of interacting with the community and being the visible face of King’s Raid towards the players. Luckily, they have done a great job so far, and we wanted to interview them too, since we believe what they do is very important.

When asked to share the experience of being part of King’s Raid, GM Luna said: “I was on board the King’s Raid team ever since it launched back in 2017 as part of the community management and customer service side. It was my first time to ever be part of a team servicing a game so there were some difficulties. For instance, I am sure that some of our long-time players will remember all the times that we had to react to emergent issues. I also had to be in the unfortunate position of being the bearer of unwelcome news. However, there were always players cheering me on and I am grateful to this day. I hope that I was able to reach out and help our players.”

On the other hand, we asked GM Lakrak to share his thoughts about what means interacting with a large community of players, he said: “Reading and answering the community is always difficult for me because while being a GM, I am also a gamer, and many times I fully understand and agree with the points that are being brought about King’s Raid. I always try to convey users’ expectations, suggestions, or questions with the hope that it can be matched. But we cannot always match all the expectations of all the users.”

It really is tough being in that position, that is why he added: “I really hope users understand that as GM we always do our best to make the game a better place for everyone and that’s what motivates us, because we are gamers too! So please don’t feel discouraged or down if we can’t match your expectations this time keep trying and exchanging because we will always listen and do our best to make your voice heard!!” Well, now that you know this, next time you talk with any of them please keep it in mind.

Last but not least, it was CM Frey’s turn and we wanted for her to share her experience of participating in the first King’s Raid event outside Asia. About that she said: “The offline event in Los Angeles was a dream come true. I was filled with nervous excitement at the thought of meeting Raiders face-to-face for the first time, but I was welcomed with open arms. It was such a heartwarming thrill to meet both long-time Raiders and Raiders new to the game in person. Everyone’s excitement and energy and created an atmosphere that contributed to the event’s success, even despite a sudden downpour. I am so thankful that our Raiders made it a such an extraordinary day. I’ll cherish the memories from that day forever.”

And do you want to know the best part? When asked about the possibility of coming to an event in Latin America she said: “I would absolutely LOVE to visit our Raiders in Latin America as soon as the opportunity arises!” So let us hope we are able to not only have CM Frey, but also GM Luna and GM Lakrak in these lands in the near future.

By Jacinto Muñoz (@shougoamakusa)

To visit King’s Raid Official Website click here.

For the full interview with PD Sean, where we talked about several things of the game, including the upcoming anime adaptation, click here.

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