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RWBY v07e09-11 Is Atlas going to fall too?

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(Lechería, January 29, O’kuroku).- Well, I failed to resume my episodic reviews of RWBY, but now I am back to business and there are tons of juicy stuff to talk about so let us get into it.

My last review covered 2 episodes, but this time I am back covering three at once. However, I will do my best to not leaving behind any important detail, which is going to be tough since a lot of stuff happened.

RWBY v07e09

This episode showed a couple of things 1) Jacques does not even reach the level of being a nuisance when he does not have the higher ground and 2) Chaos was finally unleashed.

I think it was great that the whole “framing thing” was solved fast because that allowed everybody to focus on the real important stuff that is going on. However, I am afraid the damaged was already done, and Watts punched hard in the heart of Mantle.

On the other hand, Jacques ended up as a fool in front of everybody and I think that was a bigger blow for him than being arrested. On the bright side, this was the final push James needed to finally reveal the truth to his potential allies so they could form an united front. Nevertheless, the big question now is will that be enough?

RWBY v07e10

This episode could be summarized in two words: chaos and fraternity. Watts’ move really made a mess of Mantle, and it would have caused damage beyond repair if James and Robin would have not make an even better, yet risky, move.

Revealing the truth about Salem to everybody in both Mantle and Atlas was indeed a bold move, but luckily it did the trick because that managed to control the chaos in Mantle, along with the combined efforts of Ruby’s groups and the Ace-ops.

James’ faction even managed to set up traps for both Watts and Tyrian, and they completely fell for it. At this point it was more than evident that victory was on the side of the good guys.

Unfortunately, they were completely unaware that there were other players in the game, and those players were about to turn the tides completely. Yes, I am talking about Cinder and Neo. Not to mention that Salem is on her way.

RWBY v07e11

Oh boy, this episode could arguably, be considered the best one of the entire series. Not only for it to have one of the best fight sequences of RWBY, but because the scene of Salem intimidating Ruby, James and the rest was simply astonishing.

Let us start from the beginning. When episode 10 ended I started to wonder how they were going to make the fight between Watts and James interesting considering Arthur is not a warrior and James is an outstanding one. The difference in strength was huge so it was safe to assume Ironwood should win without a flinch.

However, my goodness, I did not consider the terrain nor Watts expertise. The way he made the arena to work to his favor was amazing. He really managed to even the battle in a believable way.

Nevertheless, the real thing that made that scene insanely good was the animation and the direction. CRWBY hit the ball out of the park with that sequence, it was truly breathtaking, and it made the adrenaline went out of the charts.

The whole terrain manipulation, especially the gravity manipulation, was superb not only as a concept, but also in the way it was animated. I have watched that sequence dozens of times and I have not even started to feel tired of it.

Of course, I cannot leave outside the amazing music (another new song) and the great voice acting (especially the way Watts counted his bullets) Everything was on point and the result was a high quality action sequence.

Now, regarding the rest of the episode, the fight among Tyrian, Clover, Robin and Qrow was also cool, but it was not as impressive as the previous one. Not only because it was done in the usual style of the series, but also because it was too one-sided. The scorpion simply did not stand a chance against the trio.

Next, let us talk about the climax of this episode, yes, let us talk about how Salem defeated Ruby’s and James’ factions just with her presence and a few words. I have to say I was not expecting her at all, but man I loved that scene.

She always had complete control of the flow, she also managed to intimidated James, and she even broke Ruby. In all honesty, if the heroes were not capable of handling a mere illusion of Salem who only used words as her weapons, I do not see how they will be able to face the real deal when the time comes… and that scares me a lot. I mean, she looked like she was scolding some kids who had misbehaved!!

Lastly, what we feared since the beginning of this volume finally happened. Ironwood cracked, and he has decided to take drastic measures to do damage control. Honestly, I have to say I not only understand his reasoning, I am even inclined to agree with him.

It is probable that the series will prove him wrong, but you cannot deny the logic in his solution. Considering the state of things, I agree a strong and radical move is needed. Furthermore, you cannot save everybody all the times, there are moments when you have to choose, no matter how hard that is.

By the way, in case you play King’s Raid, in my YouTube channel I have some guides you might be interested in. Feel free to check them out.

This volume is approaching to its finale and two huge questions are starting to take form in the minds of all the members of this community. Will Atlas fall too? Will we witness a replay of the fall of Beacon? I guess we are about to find out. See ya in my next review.

By Jacinto Muñoz (@shougoamakusa)

If you want to watch the show you can do it in the official website.

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