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RWBY v07e12-13 If you want something done right… get a flying whale

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(Lechería, February 23, O’kuroku).- The Finale of Volume 7 is here and I have to say it might be fighting to be the best volume of RWBY so far. This show just does not stop getting better and better.

My last review covered 3 episodes, and this time I decided to cover the final 2 to have a broader picture of the ending. Of course, I will also say some stuff about this volume as a whole at the end of this review.

RWBY v07e12

I am aware I am starting to repeat myself when I say the fighting sequences are the best of the series so far, but I cannot help it. Team RWBY vs Cloverless-Ace-Ops was insane. Not only it was well thought, it was well executed.

When you have a speedster on your team, unless that person is countered somehow or he/she is not strong enough to cause enough damage to the others, your team is going to win, period.

That is why is so hard to make battles believable when a speedster is involved, fortunately, CRWBY found the perfect solution. To counter a speedster with a speedster. Well, I know that Ruby at this point is definitely more than a simple speedster but you get my point.

Harriet could not beat Weiss, Yang and Blake at the beginning of the battle (which would have been the expected course of action) because she was busy trying to keep Ruby in check preventing her to do the same against Elm, Marrow and Vine.

Obviously that development led to have 4 different battles, each one better than the other. Yang/Blake against Elm/Vine was awesome and full of great combos, not to mention the tides were turned more than once making it an exciting fight.

Weiss vs Marrow was good too proving that the Ice Queen is really a top dog when it comes to fight, she really is good and she really knows how to chain her moves to get the best outcome. Furthermore, her proficiency with her summoning powers is really high so fighting her equals to fight against at least two opponents.

Finally, Ruby vs Harriet was marvelous, the Ace-Op really knows how to use her speed and even with her arms tied she managed to put a good fight. In fact, if not for Weiss giving the final blow I am sure that fight would have lasted a lot more.

Now, for those who are saying Team RWBY should not have won, I want to point out some things that say otherwise: 1) The Ace-Ops did not have Clover and without him they lost two important things: the good luck charm from his semblance and their leader. 2) Team RWBY has really improved due to a hard training so we have to give them the credit they deserve, and 3) Team RWBY was united in their goal, while the Ace-Ops were not since Marrow did not agree with how they were approaching the situation, thus he became their weakest link. These three aspects affected the Ace-Ops’ teamwork which is their best asset, so in a way they were bound to fail.

Now, it is time to talk about the elephant in the room, yes I mean Clover’s death. Honestly, I am still processing that, not because I like him as a character or because I was shipping him with Qrow, but because I am not sure if I agree with how things happened, and I mean that from a writer perspective.

I just cannot accept the fact that Qrow ended up teaming up with Tyrian against Clover. Both the leader of the Ace-Ops and Ruby’s uncle are adults and they did not show that in this sequence. In all honesty, I could have bought that had not Tyrian been there, but since he was there, their behavior was just nonsensical.

Although, I have to acknowledge that the fire that ignited that behavior did not come from any of them but from Robyn, and after that things just escalated beyond the point of no return I guess? Regarding Robyn’s behavior, well, it made sense if you see her as a revolutionary fellow who just happens to get angry quite easily.

In the end, this will be a huge blow for Qrow and it might lead to his death in the near future. It will depend on how he is going to handle the aftermath, let us hope for the best. Regarding Neo vs Team JNR plus Oscar, and Cinder vs Winter and Penny, I will cover both fights in the following segment.

RWBY v07e13

This episode was astonishing. I enjoyed it from the beginning to the end, one of the best finale of RWBY, I will go as far as to say it is in my top 3 of this series’ finales. Great writing, great direction, great animation, great music, awesome fights and a superb ending. Even the lacking of the traditional post-credits scene was a plus.

Let us start with Neo vs Team JNR plus Oscar. This sequence made justice to Neopolitan. The previous episode gave the impression that Neo had been beaten too easily (especially by showing her receiving a telegraphed punch from Oscar), but thankfully this fight put everything in place.

Although Team JNR has improved a lot, Oscar is still a weak link no matter where he is, plus Neo is a very seasoned fighter who will not hesitate to use any method to win. That was clear when she transformed into Nora to take advantage of Ren’s feelings. To be honest, I do not see Jaune and the rest defeating Neo yet, they will eventually get there, though.

My main concern with this (despite the fact that Neo and Cinder have the lamp) is how Ren is going to handle the aftermath since it is obvious that he is blaming his feelings (his tears were a clear sign) for the outcome. Will Renora be affected? I would say that the couple is going to have to resist a major earthquake if they want to remain together.

Now it is time to talk about Cinder vs Winter and Penny. That sequence can pretty much summarize all the improvements CRWBY has had since the series started, this could be considered the current pinnacle of RWBY’s animation and direction. This fight can be divided in 2 segments, the Martial Arts one and the Dragon-Ball-style one.

The former one was amazing and marks the current style of the show, but at the same time resembles Monty’s awesome fights from Volume 2. The latter showed how well CRWBY has learned to follow physics properly when the characters are fighting in middle air, resulting in a spectacular sequence.

Of course, I have to say that the voice acting was beyond spectacular here, especially Jessica Nigri. She really took the weight of both segments on her shoulders and did a remarkable job conveying the feelings of Cinder, anger, frustration, hunger of power and helplessness (when failing to get the maiden powers)

If anybody was still doubting of her talent as a voice actress, this episode definitely will be a turning point on that regard. A round of applause for her, and I hope to see her giving life to more characters in the future. Ah, before I forget it, Cinder’s expression when she saw Ruby was priceless, it is very evident she is still afraid of her powers. Not to mention that Ruby went full silver eyes almost instantly, there is still resentment there.

Now, the next thing a I want to cover is the whole Penny-becoming-The-Winter-Maiden situation. I cannot say it was unexpected because there were tons of theories in the RWBY Community saying that; in fact, I mentioned that in one of my past reviews.

Nevertheless, the way that happened was indeed surprising, I just loved the role played by the old lady. Her final actions as The Winter Maiden were simply awesome, she was truly a badass until the end. Now I wonder, was she the original Winter Maiden?

Moreover, Winter’s actions were also unexpected. I admit I had gotten accustomed to her following the law and the chain command in an almost inhumane way; that is why it caught me by surprise seeing her putting her sister above Ironwood, to the extent of letting them take Penny. I am looking forward to see what consequences that decision is going to bring.

Ok, this next part is not easy to comment. Watching Ironwood shooting a kid was really hard, and although I still agree with his plan and his reasons for choosing it, I am starting to think he is taking a path that will lead to a very dark place where it will be very difficult to escape from later. I like James as a character, and I hope there is still redemption for him (especially a redemption that does not involve his death), but I am aware that is getting more difficult by the minute. Shooting Oscar was a huge mistake no matter the reasons and no matter how you see it.

I liked Ozpin’s monologue, it summarized more of the things that happened, well more than summarizing them, it wrapped them up. Besides, it was good to see him making an appearance, it was a shining spark in the middle of the darkness that is covering Atlas and Mantle.

Two things to highlight that happened during the monologue. 1) I did not like watching Robyn comforting Qrow, she was pretty much the cause of what happened with Clover so she is not the best person for doing that. 2) Winter was a total badass and she is becoming one of my favorite characters. I loved the fact that she did not die and was able to put a good fight against Cinder.

Not to mention she looks gorgeous and sexy when her hair is messy. In fact, she looked like an amazing action hero after completing a tough mission. Even when helping Weiss she kept her tough demeanor. By the way, she should leave her hair that way after she recovers.

Finally, Salem’s entrance was amazing. My goodness, watching her riding a flying whale was superb. Ladies and Gentlemen, the Queen has entered the stage so behold her magnificent power. Not to mention that the stage is set up for Pinocchio’s tale, do not forget Penny is a representation of Pinocchio and now we happen to have a whale.

By the way, in case you play King’s Raid, in my YouTube channel I have some guides you might be interested in. Feel free to check them out.

This volume as a whole was very good, it falls easily in the top 3 of the series in my opinion. In terms of animation, direction, voice acting, plot, character development, music it was outstanding, and the ending did not disappoint. Well, as we already knew Atlas’s arc is going to last at least 2 volumes and considering how this one ended, I cannot wait to see what will happen next. As usual with RWBY, this was a hell of a ride, in the good way. See ya in my next review.

By Jacinto Muñoz (@shougoamakusa)

If you want to watch the show you can do it in the official website.

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