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RWBY v07e07-08 Striking while the iron is hot

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(Lechería, January 9, O’kuroku).- Well, although there was no action, last two episodes of RWBY were definitely intense, so it is a good thing to focus on them for my first review of the year.

My last review of RWBY covered 3 episodes, but this time we will focus only on two and I will hopefully resume the episodic reviews from here on, so without further ado let us get started.

RWBY v07e07

If you ask me, I would say this episode highlighted three things: 1) How dangerous is Penny’s situation, 2) How Ironwood is not the best guy handling pressure, and 3) How awesome are Robyn’s and her Huntresses’ semblances.

Let us start with Penny. There were a lot of theories trying to explain why did she have an aura, but I think none of them (or only a tiny amount of them) considered Pietro giving her part of his own.

Obviously this raises the stakes since he is no longer able to rebuild Penny in case she is destroyed. I think that was a clever choice from the creators of RWBY because otherwise, Penny would become a glorified crash test dummy. It is always better for us to care about the character’s fate and this is how you make us care about Penny’s.

Another thing I need to point out before going to the next topic is the fact that Watts was part of Pietro’s team. That raises a lot of questions, does she know how Penny works? Is he able to deactivate, destroy, or worse, take control of her? If we add what we just discover of her aura, then everything is ready for us to fear about what could happen to her.

Regarding how Ironwood handles pressure, it is obvious for me that he does not like at all not having complete control of everything. However, when fighting Salem, having control is a scarce commodity and if you aspire to win you must definitely learn to live with it.

Declaring Martial Law is a big deal, and the very fact that Ironwood is considering that option shows how dire the situation is and how desperate for regaining control he is. Sadly, that attitude is often a recipe for disaster and I really celebrated Nora taking a step forward to confront him.

Yes, Ruby also tried to persuade him, but Ironwood is an army guy, so he will not be that inclined to listen to reason in that kind of scenario. Nora, on the other hand, chose a different approach, to clash with him head on. Many people said that was wrong and even out of character from her, but I disagree with those opinions.

I think Nora is somehow being triggered by what is happening in Mantle, perhaps she has some past in Mantle? Maybe what is happening in Mantle is very similar to what she had to live in the past? I do not know, but considering her reactions, there is more under the surface here.

Besides, as I said, Ironwood needed to be confronted fiercely, he would have not come to his senses otherwise. In fact, after Nora’s speech he almost immediately let his guard down and that opening was used by Ruby to deliver the final punch. That scene could have gone south in a very bad way, but thanks to Nora everything ended on a high note.

By the way, I have to highlight Ren’s attitude. It is clear that, despite the kiss, he is still refusing to follow Nora’s approach to handle what is happening. He is also desperate, and the only way he sees some light is by taking action. Nevertheless, right now it is not the time to be impulsive and he has to learn that, I just hope he does not pay a high price to learn his lesson.

Finally, it is time to talk about semblances. My goodness, now I understand why Robyn and her huntresses have managed to stay at large for so long. Their semblances are just extraordinary. One can create a field capable of turning invisible everything inside of it.

Other has some pocket dimension like ability, can you begin to imagine all the practical applications for something like that? And Robyn’s? A lie detector!! So forget about using a mole to infiltrate her organization, and that is to say the least of what she can do with that. Definitely, she is someone who will play a major role in this arc, I just hope she does not end up turned aside (or dead) afterwards.

RWBY v07e08

For this episode of RWBY there were 2 highlighted things. 1) Weiss’ family is indeed very peculiar and 2) Jacques is a tough enemy when he has the higher ground.

I think it is not a mistake to say almost the entire RWBY community hated Whitley before this episode. However, now that we have watched it, it is almost inevitable to start seeing in a new light. Ok, I am not saying he suddenly became a saint, but there is much more to consider regarding his behavior.

Moreover, we finally could meet Mama Schnee, and I have to say I just loved her. The way the character was portrayed was awesome, especially Caitlin Glass as her voice. In one single scene we could confirm she is indeed an alcoholic, she feels trapped in her own house, she fears Jacques, she celebrates that her daughters managed to escape from that prison, and she thinks Whitley’s behavior is related to the fact he was not included by neither Weiss or Winter in their escape plans.

That scene was one of the most powerful scenes of the show thanks to a great animation and a solid performance from Caitlin Glass. The best moments could be summarized in two lines: “Good” and “Of course not. You left him alone. With us”.

Finally, Ironwood had to face probably one of the most difficult situation of his career. From the beginning, Jacques had the upper hand. The very fact of including Robin was a powerful opening move that caught James by surprise, and from that onwards Ironwood was never in control of the flow. Once again it is proven right that you have to strike while the iron is hot.

Winter’s tantrum was not casual; it was the result of how well Jacques managed the meeting. In fact, it felt almost like she was following a script prepared by him to the point that her final words were brilliantly used by Jacques to corner James. It will be very hard to turn the tides from that point.

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Before closing this review of RWBY, I need to point out two more things from this episode: 1) The entire sequence of Ruby and co plotting against Whitley was amazing in terms of direction and animation. I am still amazed by how many things can CRWBY do now with Maya. 2) Watts is definitely not planning to let Ironwood catch his breath, turning off Mantle’s heating system will increase the chaos and this has the potential of forcing James to become a true tyrant. I just hope this is not the case. See ya in my next review.

By Jacinto Muñoz (@shougoamakusa)

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