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RWBY v07e04-06 And things went south… again

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(Lechería, December 16, O’kuroku).- We knew this was coming, but still at least I did not want them to happen. Last episode of RWBY surely set things in motion, but most of them were not good.

However, although I really want to start talking about what just happened in RWBY, especially after the long pause since my last article, this review is going to cover three episodes, so for the sake of order let us start from the beginning.

RWBY v07e04

This episode worked pretty well at various levels. It showed how far CRWBY has mastered Maya engine, and now they can even use characters in the background to help writers in telling the story. For example, by showing Yang keeping her hand in Blake’s back even after taking the picture, while the main focus is on Ruby and Qrow’s conversation.

Yes, I am aware I am using a huge Bumblebee moment to highlight a technical thing, but with each episode is becoming clearer that Bumblebee is going to be a thing in this volume. I do not know if it will become canon, but its time in the spotlight just keeps increasing.

On the other hand, we could notice some differences in the work philosophy of Ruby’s group and the Ace-Ops. Being friends/family compared to having a professional relationship, which approach is best? Honestly, I would say neither. Both ways of thinking and working have strong points backing them up, let us see if the series is going to support both or only one of them.

Then, there is the whole not-quite-disclosing-everything-to-Ironwood thing which was highlighted again. I would even say the writers doubled down on that part by showing an amazing James going all out by granting Ruby and the others their huntsmen and huntresses licenses.

Although, this episode gave me a feeling of James knowing Ruby is not being completely honest/open with him. In fact, I even felt the vibe that he even understands that, so perhaps this is going to be ok in the end?

Finally, there was the Jacques part. The whole sequence of him arguing with Ironwood was amazing, and the next one with him trying to lecture Weiss at first just to suddenly take the manipulative approach afterwards was priceless. Not to mention the whole they-are-not-friends-but-family part. Oh man, that was so rewarding.

Regarding him allying with Watts, I have to say that did not surprise, I even was expecting it. Jacques will undoubtedly become a main antagonist for this arc, but the question is: Is he going to end like Lionheart?

RWBY v07e05

Despite having a lot of sparring sequences, this episode was a slow-paced one, but I really liked it was that way. We needed some setup for what was about to come and this episode delivered that flawlessly.

Let us talk about the sparring moments first. It was great to have Team FNKI back, they gave us a lot of fun back in Volume 3 and it was awesome to see them with the new art style, plus it was me or there were some sparks (of the good kind) between Oscar and Neon Katt?

Regarding the animation, it was insane to the point I am starting to think the guys from CRWBY are showing off a little bit, but it is good they do it, though. We as the audience win when they do that. My only complaint is that we could not see more of Ironwood and Oscar sparring session.

By the way, I have to mention the whole Jaune-has-become-a-womanizer sequence. After all the things he has gone through I think it is fair he starts to become popular with the ladies. I just hope he can find a good girl soon, and that this time the relationship can develop properly.

Finally, I need to address the whole New-Winter-Maiden part. I totally agree with Winter’s way of thinking. Not always you get to choose the things you have to do, but if you sincerely embrace them, then they become yours nonetheless. My only concern here is, will this thing end up well? I do not want Winter to become the next Amber.

RWBY v07e06

Ladies and Gentlemen, this episode can easily be summarized as “Shipping and Chaos”. Oh boy, after a slow-paced episode we went from 0 to 100 without time to brace ourselves.

The first part was another training session to show how much has Ruby’s crew progressed, and I liked it because when they show their new level in actual combat we will not see that as a Deus ex Machina, but as a logical thing to happen.

There are three things to point out here, 1) They teased again something is different with Ruby’s semblance, so I am looking forward to the moment it is revealed its true nature. 2) Oscar in a way is having the same concerns Jaune had not too long ago, let us see how that is going to play. 3) The clashing between Ironwood’s way of thinking and Ruby’s group’s way of thinking had another round, and I wonder what are they writers trying to build up here.

The second part of the episode was quite interesting. First, it showed that not everybody in Ruby’s group are that interested in befriend Robin, which could play an important role later. Second, it fast-forwarded ReNora and Bumblebee to the point of no return for the former and to the point of it being impossible to ignore for the later.

However, I am not going to criticize that because it seems Rooster Teeth made a choice and they are implementing it, which is exactly what I asked them in my previous review. Furthermore, in the case of ReNora, I think what they did was brilliant.

At the beginning, the problems I detected in episode three proved to be deeper than I initially thought. Looking that in retrospective, there was a real chance for them to break apart having handled that poorly. By the way, thumbs up for Burkhart, Rivas and Luna, the whole conversation was very well written and it felt extremely organic.

Of course, having supported ReNora from the beginning, that final kiss made my week. The perfect way to close that mini arc. Especially, because Ren needed badly to realize there are more important things than the mission. It is pointless focusing only on his duty if that makes you disregard everything else, including your feelings.

Regarding Bumblebee, the progress was subtler compared to ReNora’s, but there definitely was some. If they really are going to establish that couple, they are certainly taking the right steps.

My only complaint with this episode is they spoiled the surprise. From almost the beginning it was crystal clear Robin was going to lose the election, and that took away some of the impact of the final act. They could have handled that better.

Finally, things went south. Not only Jacques won the election, but Watts and Tyrian did a remarkable job by setting Robin’s faction in a collision course against Ironwood. This arc gets better and better. By the way, it is not a good message that the only two kiss scenes in RWBY led to a tragedy.

One more thing before closing this review of RWBY. It will be interesting to see how Penny is going to handle what happened. In a way, she is now in the same position Yang was back in Volume 3 when she was tricked into kill her. Let us hope to see some character development for our dear robot, she really needs it. See ya in my next review.

By Jacinto Muñoz (@shougoamakusa)

If you want to watch the show you can do it in the official website.

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