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RWBY v07e03 Are we really one step closer to Bumblebee?

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(Lechería, November 25, O’kuroku).- Besides the cool action sequence, the new weapons and the new outfits, this episode of RWBY took its time to hint some stuff concerning to the shipping department.

This episode of RWBY worked pretty well as a transition one so it left us with only a few things to discuss, but those things were very juicy. The first one was the new weapons and the new outfits.

As I said in my previous review, our characters now look more mature and at the same time they look way better. Unfortunately, we could not see much of their new weapons’ performance, but we still have plenty of time for that in the rest of the Volume.

The second thing was the Ace Operatives dynamics and another awesome fighting sequence. In an indirect way, this episode of RWBY showed a friendly competition between Ruby’s extended party and Ironwood’s main force, which played out well in the end.

It worked as a way to introduce the new characters along with their abilities, semblances and weapons, as well as a catalyst for the future synergy both teams will have to build. That is why I think it was pretty symbolic Ruby making the final catch.

The third thing was we could get an insight of the reasons behind Ruby’s decision of withheld information from Ironwood regarding Ozpin, Salem and the relic. I personally approve that approach; it is better to make sure they can fully trust Atlas’ leader before revealing that stuff.

Finally, the fourth thing was regarding shipping. I am aware of how tough the battles of shippers have been so far in the RWBY community, which is why I usually avoid to address that matter. However, this episode went all the way to hint some things and I think this time they need to be addressed.

Firstly, that whole dynamic between Qrow and Clover, leader of the Ace-Ops, was quite interesting, to the point where it could lead to a strong friendship or a potential shipping. It was quite meaningful that Clover’s aura is “Good Fortune” which perfectly balance Qrow’s one as we could see throughout the episode.

Secondly, maybe I am overthinking this but, are there problems between Ren and Nora? I felt their interactions odd this episode. Ren’s way of ignoring Nora’s flirting was way too cold even for him. I just hope they do not reset/rewind all what they have advance so far.

Thirdly, we had one of those moments that usually define couples in this kind of series, and yes, that moment was a Bumblebee one. The whole sequence of Yang complimenting Blake’s new hairstyle was filled with teasing; in fact, I felt more teasing from this than what I saw in the whole fight against Adam during last volume.

Will Bumblebee become canon? Will they keep the teasing approach? Well, it is time for me to voice my opinion on this matter. My personal preference is Blacksun, but I love a well written romance, and Bumblebee is starting to feel well written thanks to moments like that scene this episode.

However, when a romance, no matter who is involved, is teased too much then I start to dislike it, not because genders, but because I hate that approach in general. “Epilogue Couples” are one of the tropes I hate the most. If you want to establish couples, go for it, but do not wait to the ending of the series to do it. Bumblebee and Blacksun have had enough screen time already and I think is time for Rooster Teeth to make a choice. I just hope they do that soon. See ya in my next review.

By Jacinto Muñoz (@shougoamakusa)

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