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Sofi Tukker Treehouse Tour hits Toronto!

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(Toronto, 21th October. Okuroku) Tuesday night might sound odd to go to a party. Unless we talk about Sofi Tukker, then it’s out of the picture not going.  Animal parties on the Danforth Music Hall, on a weekday? Those are the best parties!

Storytime guys: I came across this duo when browsing Spotify premium (my company offered me 6 months free so I got super hooked up). They were one of my first bands to follow honestly but I guess the algorithm waited at least 6 months of me putting on repeat «Moon Tattoo» every time I felt lonely. Then the singles started to come up, the new album popped up, I was IN for the band.

One day at work, during a low flow of people moment, Spotify told me they were about to be around. We are talking about mid-July here guys and the concert was this past week, October 16th. Like, Spotify exclusive pre-sale. I did feel flattered to be offered such a thing (Great Job Marketing team!) and for that price? Heck yes!

But then I remembered the shooting. I come from Venezuela, I am used to violence but still… This is Toronto and I didn’t hesitate much to buy my tickets anyways. I knew it would be safe. So I went, credit card accepted and that’s it. Sofi Tukker and I had a date.

As a side note, I had never been on a balcony during a concert and fellow introverts who are much of cowards for pits, please take the option in mind! It’s super comfy.

I started then to listen more often to their songs of course. I added them to my main playlist and danced along to their tunes. I prepped for my first Canadian concert you could say. Months went by and I almost backed up the night before, but I’m stubborn. And after an emotional rollercoaster, I much needed that concert, to be honest. I had already the tickets too, let’s not waste them! I told myself. So there I went to Broadway Station.

When I arrived at 6.45 pm the line was short but tight.  Doors opened at 7.00 and everybody was moving here and there to keep warm from the chilly wind. Security started to organize better the line and 20 min later we were in. The staff handed our tickets, directed us to places, one of them even showed me my seat. It was lovely honestly. Also special S/O to whoever was in charge of the cleaning. The washrooms were in great conditions, and even after a few hours of the concert they were still pretty well kept, let me tell you that.

Let’s talk about security. I found them efficient and polite. Plenty of staff walked around the venue, even when the party was lit, guarding plenty of drunken attendees. There were a lot of different security guards as well, some very tall and built, some others less “scary looking”. It caught my attention that there were a lot female-security guards, especially near the lady’s washroom. I was pretty aware of the shooting. A slightly fear chilled, I won’t deny it, but as I saw the security guards mingle with the people, the thought drifted away. So I guess, from where I can vow, Security did well.

First class support artists

Honestly, they were that good, that I don’t know if I should call them support artists. They are full-blown talents!

LP Giobbi started the party mingling some good-female-house showcasing her DJ’s mad skills. Her fingers flew through that keyboard and her movements inspired energy. It was vibrant and fun. She even played some South American rhythms, Brazilian’s to be exact. Don’t be surprised though, Sofi Tukker is known for singing in Portuguese, even if they are based in NYC. They took classes in university and stuck with it.

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Crush Club came after LP Giobbi warmed up the pit and everybody was drawn by the posts of lights. There was even a light-up Yeti in the crowd I swear. Their performance was queer and fantastic. I loved the electronic sounds with a “Queen” aftertaste. From I was standing all I could see was Vincent Van Gog, Freddy Mercury and the young reincarnation of Celia Cruz dancing on the stage. I evidently forgot my glasses (I didn’t think I would need them) but that didn’t stop me from accepting the music. The sound system was pretty good compared to what we had at home and the show lights were the prettiest.

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At some point, LP Giobbi returned to stage. Their transition mingled with Nikki B (the Celia Cruz’s Incarnation) dancing with her in stage a couple more times, lighting again the party.


Sofi Tukker Dynamic-Duo

Lights went out, dimmed carefully to serve as an introduction. Then under a yellow light glow, a familiar tune came to play. Sophie Hawley-Weld and Tucker Halpern were present on stage. When they were unmasked to us at the pounding sound of Energia, I had goosebumps all over. This was it! We were here, Live!

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As said before, the playlist started with Energia, their latest hit, of which they have a piece with Pablo Vitar. Then we jumped to some singles, Awoo –where they brought somebody to the stage to dance along- then Matadora, Everybody needs a kiss, followed by some “ballads” her and there, making a smart transition to the album. Fuck They, Batshit, Drinkee, Benadryl, Best Friends. All of them, perfectly tuned, Sofi’s voice unbreakable. It was magnificent really.  They even played Moon Tattoo, the song I met them with.

That’s where my brain went when these two showed up on stage by the way.

I especially loved the props. The jungle theme, the light play, the use of the physical space. Sofi even threw herself once into the pit and I was fearing she would do it again from another spot. It was fun and energetic. Their music has this tropical electronic taste that brings me joy without using hallucinogens if you know what I mean. Sofi Tukker is bio-electrifying.

The concert was fluid, peaks of energy followed by more soft tunes where you would grab your significant one and snuggle. Plenty of couples and friend’s groups were dancing around the balconies, drinks in hand. There were non-alcoholic beverages as well, as pop, in case you wonder.

The last song was played, the last thanks and goodbyes said and we all departed from the venue. Merchandise was sold at the exit and Crush Club was enjoying the crowd, chatting with some fans. Again, the street was populated as usual and even if it was already 11.00 pm I could not feel safer.

Thank you Sofi Tukker for such an unforgettable night!

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