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Our visit to FXC2018 aka FanExpo 2018

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(September 6 , Toronto. Okuroku.) The wait was big and it was worth it! As every summer the Metro Toronto Convention Center host the most awaited event of the season: FanExpo2018.  #FXC2018 this year proved to be one of the most important conventions on North America bringing to Toronto the most extraordinary celebrity cast, incredible panels and all the good stuff that we love: merchandise, cosplay, exhibitors, fan-tastic fun!.


#FXC2018 Thursday

As is the first day of the con, and a weekday foremost, it’s the perfect opportunity to discover new corners of FanExpo, such as the Dungeons and Dragons, Tabletops games and LARP.

This year the LARP community in Toronto is inviting everyone to participate in Z-World LARP. They explore a post-apocalyptic Earth where humans struggle to win earth back from the risen dead as a result of a supernatural event.

Quoting their pitch:

“Join the resistance as they reclaim the mysterious North from Unseen Horrors and become the hero you were born to be”

If this tickles your curiosity, don’t hesitate and visit You can also join their facebook community at

There was also notice of Breakout Toronto 2019, the most important 3 day-con in Ontario for those passionate about tabletop games. For more info please drop by

Thursday is also a great day for the fanatics of WWF, most of the stars panels and photo-op take place on this day.

Also, all the usual attractions are open: escape rooms, the merchandise/dealers alley, and the Artist Alley are fresh and full of goodies.


#FXC2018 Friday

Rogers ignite tv was strongly present, as they promised (more info in our note prior to the event). The structure outside the Metro Convention center invited the audience to live up Jurassic Park as never been before. You could see the amazement in the eyes of those leaving the exhibition.

We were present at the panel of Killjoys, a sci-fi tv show that has been around for a couple of years now and was recently renovated for another two «last» seasons. The panel was super fun and getting to know the masterminds behind the show a unique experience.  More to come soon!

#FXC2018 Saturday

The busiest day of the Con, as usual. During Saturday most of the bigger panels – such as the one with Flint from back to the future, Evangeline Lily presenting her most recent children’s book and meet&greet Jason Momoa. Regarding this last one, I could not come close to the huge line but I grasped some visual: his smile is as good and warm as in his Instagram.

Video games were our order of the day since we got the opportunity to have a flash interview with the Development team of Call of Duty Black ops 4, Tony Flames:

We also got footage of the zombie march to be reviewed and released for you!

In the video game area, we had the opportunity to play Hitman 2, the most recent addition to the saga of our favorite bounty hunter. And true to what they announced during E3 2018, you are free to use ANY resources as weapons and take different courses of action. Again, I am a bad gamer and I suck at this but I had my share of fun trying to run from the police after refusing to get frisked by the security guard. I played on an Xbox One, the graphics were on point!

We also got the chance to try the VR Game Beat-saber, which video went viral months ago. But trust, it is way cooler in real life.

I can ensure you that the VR is a worthy investment, this game is the love baby of guitar hero and fruit ninja. An excellent casual game, to play alone or with friends. It will keep you entertained for sure!

The exhibit of Dragon Ball Super the Tour was something breathtaking. Showcasing an exhibit of the most recent figures and collectives, the place also presented excellent almost to scale sculptures of our favorite heroes and villains. The public was invited to take pictures in the Dragon Ball Battle Arena and to pass over the passion for this classic through generations.

My personal favorite, Assassin’s creed Odyssey was also present on the Xbox exhibition but unfortunately, the material was no different from the one presented in E3 2018.

#FXC2018 Sunday

We got an invitation for the press and fan conference of the new production of Starfield Indie, Starhunter Nexus, the third season of the UK sci-fi show, being re-engineered after a hiatus of almost 20 years. Keep tuned for a special note about it!

Walking again by the video game sector, we had the opportunity to also play the never seen before demo of “Dream”: a gorgeous sandbox game brought to us by Media Molecule. Dream is a grad student of the BigLittlePlanet University and follows the mantra “Play, Create, Share.

Dreams surprises its audience with super gorgeous graphics, excellent aesthetic concept, and super intuitive gameplay. It has different modes that you can play alone but it’s better with friends. The mini-games reminded me of the good old times of Mario Party of the Nintendo64 which is not bad, considering how candid those games were. The co-op mode allows you to quickly advance quickly as a couple but without putting too much pressure on who goes further or not. I died multiple times and my partner could go on without troubles since my character will just respawn in the next check point and this mechanic keeps the exploring fun and dynamic.

Please show some love to this studio, their work is amazing! I am so thrilled for its release.

We closed the con walking up the artist alley – always one of the best attractions of the con- and enjoying the superbe Cosplay craftsmanship that never let us down during the four days of the event.


As usual, we are always happy to be around to enjoy this magnificent con. Thank you for having us again!


Maria Caterina Bruciapaglia Lampe

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