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A Discovery of Witches at NYCC 2018

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(Toronto, 19th October. Okuroku Webzine) Friday night at NYCC 2018 just got spooky. An exclusive screening of the latest Sundance and shudder production, «A Discovery of Witches» took place yesterday night on the A106 in the Javits Center.

For those who love a good brit drama but cannot have them legit on their streams, REJOICE. THIS IS GOOD NEWS FOR YOU. A discovery of Witches will hit US and Canadian screens January 17th next year. 

A Discovery of Witches, series based on the novel with the same name, follows Diane Bishop, a young researcher and historian who’s passionate about the origins of science and when humans stopped believing in Magic for more factual evidence – aka scientific method- a curious topic for a witch who refuses to accept her gift and nature.

Things get complicated when she finds an old manuscript that plenty of people thought lost. This plenty of people include Vampires, Demons and of course, other witches.

All of them want to get the book to uncover the secrets of their origins but the manuscripts eludes them, as part of a secret enchantment that Bishop seems not notice and it’s not willing to accept, but the pressure and constant company of an ancient Vampire, Matthew Clairmont will turn this stubbornness around unleashing Bishop’s true destiny.

TV-show ain’t afraid of no Book

The series and the book are narrated in two different voices but still focus on the same topic. Things you will discover in the book at certain peace are presented earlier or later in the TV drama, for strict script reasons. Nonetheless, both mediums explore the same content, in the means of that, the first season will only cover the first book out of the 3 that complete the saga.

Since I don’t want to spoil you the episode I will only add that Theresa Palmer y Matthew Goode performances are exquisite. Their expressions, their gestures, their chemistry is enchanting.

The production is breathtaking as well, I particularly loved how thoughtful they were with the placement of the lights, the use of the color for the scenes and the camera angles. It is a thriller with a good chunk of drama and of course, romance, that will make shiver. In the room packed with spectators, I could feel the cold and the dampness of the Oxford campus.


At the end of the screening, we had a short Q&A with the author Deborah Harkness. Full video as follow.

A discovery of witches premiere is scheduled for January 17th. 2019, but in the meantime, I invite you to catch up with the book. This is available as a paperback, ebook, and audiobook. I recommend you this last one, the voice actors are superb!


See you in Oxford witches!

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