Inicio English Toronto ComiCon 2018. Fam that cons together, stays together

Toronto ComiCon 2018. Fam that cons together, stays together

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(Toronto, March 23. Okuroku) Toronto ComiCon is the best way to start the «warm » season in the city. This year, the event matched with the spring break so it was the perfect opportunity to gather around with your loved ones and have some good-geek fun.

It’s all about that fam

Toronto ComiCon 2018 was the family event you needed. And by this I mean that family can be your cosplay group, your close friends who come to visit, your relatives or any bunch of people you call «Fam». The Toronto Metro Convention Center was the place where to get along with that cousin that likes Star Wars but ain’t that sure about that «culture» or just have some healthy fun taking selfies with the stormtroopers and Jaba the Hutt.

Wee feel you lil kid, we do. 

Costume player? Costume Slaying with the #TorontoComiCon2018

If you were following our stories you would have notice that the con was blowing with awesome craftsmanship. I still cannot believe how awesome this art can be!

In other words: Cosplay is always a big thing on the con and they did not came to play, they came to slay.


In the pictures: Awesome Lady Bowser by @Black.Bird Cosplay and Rita by @ToniToni020

(Sorry for the selfie guys BUT HOW COULD NOT DO IT? IT IS RITA FOR ZORDON’S SAKE!)

Art is in the air

On my humble opinion, the true essence of the TorontoComiCon besides the panels and the special guests, It is the artist alley.

In the artist alley you can find the perfect custom gift, that fanart piece that you always wanted, meet your favorite illustration and maybe even snap a selfie with them. New faces and old acquiantaces of us where present on the spot showing us that art and craftmanship are the last frontier indeed. From washi-tape to pixel art to display, the artist alley flourished with variety and we loved every cm of it.

On this edition we have to give a special shout-out to Toni Pony Art, Once Upon a Charm, Jess Hrycyk and to Jill Secord !

Toni Pony is a sweet Toronto Based artist who sells the only glitter pins in the whole con. Her patner in crime, @Broody also sells beautiful crafts and together they are a duo you don’t want to miss out

Once Upon A Charm is the sweet store you were looking for and you didn’t even know it. Pastries, Cookies, All the sweet and cute stuff that you dream of in a single boot. They were super friendly and Awa is more than just adorable. Don’t miss her out!

Jess Hrycyk is a young artist who we discovered in this edition. Her sophisticated lines caught our eye and her illustrations are simply a delight. Have you seen a King Hollow look so cool before? I don’t think so. Go and check her out!


Thank you to everyone who visited my booth at Toronto Comic Con this past weekend! It was such a blast, as you can tell from my dorky grin, I was truly blown away by all of the love and support from those I had the pleasure of chatting with. It was also wonderful reuniting with the inspiring friends that I am lucky to have made at cons/shows @biaeris, @jakface, @jjchau, @thegeekstudio and @ghostcatscomic. You guys rule! I hope to see all of you friendly faces from Toronto Comic Con again at @officialfxc this summer! ~~~ #torontocomiccon #comiccon #tcc #torontocomiccon2018 #fanexpo #artistalley #con #illustrator #illustration #artwork #art #darkart #darkaesthetic #gothicart #printmaking #penandink #fantasyart #blackmetal #lordoftherings #gameofthronesart #artistalleybooth #occultart #viking #vikingart #paganart #witch #witchcraft #natureart #deathmetal #etsy

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We also spotted some great female empowered art! The future is female and we cannot be more excited for it.

As a side note: I got a whole set of those stickers and the totebag. No regrets.

During the Toronto ComiCon we also saw some familiar faces such as the handsome Rob Burnette and talented Dayna the Sloth!



















We want also to showcast a new project from the creators of Toronto Comics! «Oosgode as Gold» an anthology you cannot miss~


Another highlight for us was meeting author Kasey Pierce and exchange a few words about her lastest production «Pieces of Madness» A dark collection of tales revolving the concept of psychosis and human relationships.

To Sum up: Toronto ComiCon is something you NEED to live at leas once in your life and keep coming to get to know all the magic the city has to offer when it comes to geek culture couture!

Trivia time:

What a a chief, a zombie killer priest, Anne from Green Cables and a retired Flash have in common?

We were invited to participate in a press con with several stars but hey… We cannot spill all the tea in one article, can we? Stay tunned for more!

Thank you so much for having us!


NOTE: Help a journalist in distress! If you know the girl on the banner let us know!!


Maria Caterina -Cata- Bruciapaglia.



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