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E3 2018, our highlights from this years event

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cyberpunk2077- E3 2018

(Toronto, 6th July. Okuroku).- The E3 2018 came and pass, but the hype is still high. Looking back to the industry, this past years have been crucial to the videogame developments, creating almost a huge oligopoly where big fishes try to compete for the favors of this growing public: the gamers community.

A lot can be said about this expanding mass, good and bad, but there is something for sure:  the so called Gamer’s are savvy customers with high standards and this E3 is proof of that.

Without further ado, our highlights 

Cyberpunk 2077

Altered Carbon and Destiny had a love baby and it’s called Cyberpunk 2077.

This was the biggest surprise. Closing the Xbox presentation, this game hacked his way in to our monitor and showed us a sneak peak of what would probably be one of the best game of this following season.

We are welcomed by what could be our playable character to this future where tech advances are the norm. Neon colors, android machines, futuristic weapons mixed organically with all the troops that you find in a big city: taxi drivers, gala shows, clubs and general urban chaos.

From the trailer seems to be part RPG part FPS, finger crossed so this is not a bloop.

Assassins Creed Odyssey

Another great surprise. Little less than days before the big announcement there was a small leak, providing us to know the general theme of the new game, an helmet that reminded the one from 300.

In this new edition, we are going to be in the Ancient Greece, eating gyros, chatting with Socrates and kicking our enemies asses.

In this opportunity, we can travel by land or by sea, as our headquarter is our ship. This means a lot of sailing and naval battles.

The most revolutionary element in this edition is that we can choose to be male, as Alexio, or female as Kassandra as our main character. Apparently, there is little or any significant difference in the combat aspect, but this opens the possibility to engage a romantic interest  with a female or male NPC as the story evolves. On a side note, this time we can also lie to NPC in order to get information or just to get our way.

Ubisoft, well done. This is how you highlight inclusivity in your creative process. And you can bet that your girl here writing is going to be playing as Kassandra for sure.

Pre-Order is already available and has multiple bundles, Normal, Deluxe, Gold and the Spartan Collectors edition.

On a personal note, I already preordered my copy and I am thrilled. Very THRILLED.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Nintendo blew his fans minds with this announcement, as ALL of its iconic characters are present. More platforms, more moves, all the old good fun. Without any doubt this game increased the value of a switch console.

Dying Light 2

On a personal note, I loved the first game. Knowing that there would be a sequel, make me wonder: “How?”.

Taking place after the first game, the city became an isolated nation, where a new system of rules took place and the law of the strongest prevail. The protagonist is a mercenary, who’s actions and choices are catalyst for bigger outcomes. Taking sides for one faction or the other have repercussions in  the whole city, improving or deploring its status, giving or taking away power from one or another party.

And yes, there is still Predators, lurking in the night.

The Last of Us 2

Another fan favorite comes back! But on a personal note, this release left me with more questions that answers.

Maybe because is pride month or because it was not clear enough. Yes, Elly is gay, we love it but we got it. The presented video exposes the gameplay in an excellent way but doesn’t explain much else of the story. We can safely assume that Joel is alive but, what happened that Elly is butchering people? Where is Joel? Do the infected still around?

We hope to hear more from The Naughty Dog team as the year continues.

Death Stranding

Kojima’s dystopian future looks terrific and terrifying. One of the most secretive and waited games released a new trailer where we can see a bit more of the gameplay and somehow have more insight about the narrative and Norman Reedus extravaganza.

But again, it left you with more questions than answers. Starting from why do the protagonist carry a battery-baby, what are those ghouls floating in the sky, who is the woman at the end of the trailer? There is plenty of eeriness going around, as they showed us a corpse being carried around as if it was an uber eats delivery.

Regardless, so good so far Kojima’s horror touch is delightful and we are thrilled for more releases.

Fallout 79

Fans are thrilled. The new edition of the franchise is pushing the borders to a new frontier: In this game, you are one of the few lucky ones to explore the world after the atomic world war. The first ones to live witness the change in the landscape, in the living creatures and yes, to get out there and do what we do.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider

A more darker and mature Lara Croft becomes one with the jungle and it’s deadly. This continuation of what seems to be a new trilogy for our gal is way more obscure and raw, the end of her hero’s journey.

Skulls and Bones

As a kid, didn’t you always wanted to be a Pirate? This is your chance to become it. Ubisoft Singapour released for the first time to a wider audience the little jewel they were crafting. A complete new game based on the last coven of pirates before their dawn: the pacific sea. Naval wars, treasures to loot, a different approach to this historical bandits that we idealize and love.

Kingdom Hearts 3

Unfortunately, I am not a fan of the saga, so I cannot share the hype for the release of this game, marking the end of 10 years of waiting. The game improved its graphics and added new famous or iconic Disney characters as the main storyline continues and a new enemy rises to make Sora’s journey less of a walk and more of a race.

Captain Spirit

I personally loved Life is Strange, and DONTNOD Studios want us to explore the universe where Sam and Chloe lived through the prism glass of a 9 years old kid. They released for free a playable demo of the game (only for a limited period of time) and it is soft but impressive in its content, helping us to explore real life situations that happen way too often.

Elders Scrolls VI

Bethesda Game Studios did it once more: after the great success of Skyrim, we are now going into the elf lands to embrace a new adventure. This studio is remarked by its huge sandbox games, rich in details. I cannot wait to be a khajit once more and loose myself into the highlands of Hammerfall maybe?

To sum up, God bless this videogame era.

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