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Toronto ComiCon: a totally worthy experience

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(Toronto 30th March, Yakuza Webzine). As promised, after 3 days of ComiCon, we cannot avoid talking about how it was and how much we liked our first Torontonian comicon experience

Cosplays, merchandising, special guests and much more, everything sounds pretty normal until you live it in Canada. Everything is bigger, louder and more spectacular. On the following lines we’ll make a summary of each day and what we could handle.


Without any doubt this was the day for the star wars fans. George Luca’s saga was celebrated – big way- with a lot of cosplays, one R2-D2 and two more companions (I’m sorry fans, I don’t know the names of all the little androids) who were strolling here and there and of course, Darth Maul in the flesh. Ray Park in the afternoon did an amazing and entertained Q&A where he covered from his experience as a Martial Artist to more personal experiences (as about going bald and its way back), He also had his own boot where you could pay for autographs and pictures with him.

GOSSIP: in the Q&A there was a hint of a slighty probability of Darth Maul coming back to life in the movies sagas. Most of the fans know that the sid apprentice did a new appearance as a half robot creature so… Park didn’t confirm anything, but still.

Star Trek was also present on Friday along with Robert Piccardo and the improve comedy show made by The Dandies. Piccardo was present in his boot sharing quality time with his fans and the Dandies made us laugh hard with an impressive performace. If you get the chance to see them on Live, go for it. They’re awesome.

The link between fans associations and charity work for us, Hispanic people, can be somewhat new, so it was pretty impressive to see how good this partnership works. The best example was how the Whovians were helping Sick Kids raise money with the help of two real-size Daleks, some cosplays of the Doctors, a child-size Tardis and a lot of raffles. In general, these groups did a wonderfull job, thank you so much!



It may seem that “Satuday = Cosplay” formula is somewhat universal. Even if there was a lot of panels and events to assist, the real stars of this days were the fans themselves. Great and mesmerizing cosplays invaded the event, from the most simply ones to expert-level ones.

We had the chance to enter to the Q&A of Gotham’s stars David Mazouz and Sean Pertwee. In spite of the fact that the age gap between the actors is big, they have a nice relationship of respect and admiration. It was something really nice to see, especially when whacky questions were made, even those which were claiming spoilers for the season’s finale.


During the 3 days of the event the public had the possibility to enjoy and know more about 3 sci-fy movies who were coming up: Ghost in the Shell (out tomorrow), Power Rangers (released a couple of day ago) and Valerian and the city of a thousand planets (coming soon). In these boots the personnel was giving away merchandising (t-shirts, posters, and so on) about the movies for free.


Even if it was the last day, it wasn’t the least on excitement thanks to the presence of two t-rex fighting each other with some sticks randomly all around the metro convention center

It was the best thing ever

There was a little bit less cosplayers than the day before but the panels had more variety of topics, from more celebrities Q&A to workshops on how to build cosplays weaponry and such and even one about Dungeons and Dragons

We manage to get a spot of Bone’s cast Q&A with TJ Thyne and Michaela Conlin. I am not joking when I say that these two have chemistry together. The panel ran smoothly: a lot of jokes, laughs and geeky questions. Hopefully, both stars enjoyed their first Canadian ComiCon as much as their fans did.

Another big star in the convention were the illustrators and artisans boots. Toronto’s veins run with creativity and art: from cartoonish designs to amazing conceptual visualizations, from beginners to professionals, each of them had the opportunity to share their artwork with the public, and that’s amazing.

Without any doubt, this Toronto Comic was an unique experience that we hope we can share again with and for you.

Thank you once more, and see you next year!

Maria Caterina Bruciapaglia


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