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Flash interview with Emanuela Lupacchino at Fan Expo 2017

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(Toronto 19th September, O’kuroku).- In a workplace where males are the norm, girls are taking the lead! Emanuela Lupacchino, artist extraordinaire granted us a quick interview while visiting FanExpo 2017.

Emanuela Lupacchino is an Italian artist and she soon became one of the best illustrators working for DC Comics. She is well known for her fantastic representation of powerful females such as Catwoman, Poison Ivy, Harley Queen, Supergirl and more recently she is working in a project with Wonder Woman.

What does it feel to draw Wonder Woman?

It is a dream. If you can draw one of the most iconic characters of the DC comics universe it means that you have worked well and that you produce high-quality material. It means that you have become a true professional.

How do plan to approach her? How do you want to tackle her?

So, this is a good question. In general, the mood that we give to the character can be discovered while the story is being developed. It happens often that at the beginning, when the character is set, underdetermined factors and manners will change because it will evolve. So I discover her little by little every time I receive the script and then I decide how to approach her.

How hard is the storytelling in this job?

The storytelling is difficult when you try to learn it. Once you got it, it is quite simple. The artistic study is related to the artist, meanwhile, the storytelling is related to the reader. So you have to work on this, the fact that you need to help somebody to understand a story. Not always what we do makes sense for the reader. Plus you have to take in consideration that this is something that you are doing for someone else to read it, not that it works by itself. Once you click on this, the storytelling comes naturally.

Which is your favorite DC girl to draw?


How do you feel Catwoman is in this era?

I feel her a bit put aside you know? I don’t know why but it’s a character that should be reconsidered, it’s like she hasn’t found her true nature yet. I hope to see her in action again, in something interesting that brings her back to her true nature.

What do you feel would be her true nature?

Catwoman is a thief, a character that follows her own agenda, full of gray shades. She is quite the interesting thing.

Lupacchino at FanExpo 2017

by Maria Caterina Bruciapaglia

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