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FanExpo 2017, the mother of all conventions

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(Toronto, 6th September. O’kuroku).- They warned us about it, that this convention would be huge, crowded and fun. And it was the truth. FanExpo 2017 was a fantastic event, the place you wanted to be on the very last days of summer and we couldn’t be more happy to be have been there.

As I said before, FanExpo is indeed one of the biggest cons not only in Ontario, but in all North America, where fans can engage with their favorite celebrities. I doesn’t  matter what field these celebrities come from: comics, tv series, movies, voice acting. There is enough space for everybody.

FanExpo 2017 – Thursday

As it was the beginning of the con, thursday was the best day to buy merchandise. The whole North building was almost fully dedicated to the stores, while the South building was mostly to the Artist Alley and the stands from companies such as Hasbro and PlayStation as well as other shops from the dealer’s area.

During that day we managed to get into the Q&A panel with Matt Smith, the beloved 11th Doctor from the science fiction series Doctor Who. With his British charm he bewitched us and answered all the questions the fans had for him. We’re going to publish a detailed report on this Q&A session soon.

Charnet Chung Q&A was also a very crowded panel  that took place on this day. She is the cute voice behind the character of DVA, from Blizzard’s Overwatch.

FanExpo 2017 – Friday

More and more cosplayers gathered this day showing off their amazing craft and representations. There is no doubt that their creativity knows no limit.

We had also the chance to enter the «DC legends, the Origins» panel where we could meet in a more personal setting some famous illustrators. Legends such as Emanuela Lupacchino, Tom King, Chad Hardin and Scott Snyder who answered questions in a very ping-pong way.

The moderator threw a question to the artists and then to the public. It was super fun to know that most of them had weird jobs before doing their big pitch. We will give you a full article about it, so wait  for it. There is more to come about Fan Expo, so stay tuned!

Another great panel we could dive into was with the spectacular voice actresses from the YouTube hit RWBY. They avoided with elegance any spoilers of the next volume, and they engaged marvelously with their fans and in particular with those who want to make voice acting their career. It was so much fun!

FanExpo 2017 – Saturday

We did not have a press pass for this day, so we bought our tickets because we really wanted to be there. Saturday is one of the most important days of the events, because quite a few celebrities could only assist on that day.

A lot off exclusive panels took place on saturday, such as the  Q&A with Canadian star Nathan Fillion and the creators of the new hot thing: Rick and Morty.

We also had the chance to see the exclusive premiere of Carmilla, the upcoming movie. This was a dream come true thanks to the support of their fans who crow-founded the project. Placed after a determined time lapse, the movie explains more about the fate of Laura and Carmilla. If you were wondering if things get sexy, they do.

Last but not least, cosplay: a lot of cosplayers portrayed their very best, leaving us stunned in awe.

More to come in our gallery and social media!

FanExpo 2017 – Sunday

As it was the last day of the con, it was very brief but not less fun. We had the chance to flash interview Yanick Paquette and Emanuela Lupacchino, both DC illustration legends among a lot of others who were selling prints and engaging with their fans. Same happened with amazing Jim Lee who granted us a quick picture.

During the Con we also…

  • Met the fantastic editor Kelsi Morris, with her book “Those who make us” and Dominik Parisien editor of “Steampunk Canada and also the incredible author Sam Maggs and her book “Wonder Women”.

  • Played the demo of the upcoming remastering of the game “Shadow of the Colossus” and saw the most recent advances in the VCR technology by Sony.

We really had a true blast as press and as fans. Without a doubt, FanExpo 2017 was the mother of all cons. And a experience worth repeating over and over. If you ever have the chance to come, do it. You’ll not regret it.

by Maria Caterina Bruciapaglia
Photos: M. Caterina Bruciapaglia  & Matheus Barbosa

If you are one of the cosplayers on the article, let us know! We would love to tag you!

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