Inicio English Brace yourselves: FanExpo 2017 is coming

Brace yourselves: FanExpo 2017 is coming

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(Toronto, 26th August. Okuroku) The end of summer is approaching but also one of the biggest conventions of the year, FanExpo 2017. Huge stars, amazing cosplays, wonderful events: nothing to regret.

FanExpo 2017 is one of the biggest conventions in Toronto, if not in whole Ontario, and this year is coming full packed. Four days of the convention can be crazy so we want to help you to survive it by giving you a sneak peek of what’s coming, in point form to make it way more easy to schedule. As always, we recommend downloading the full chronogram from the official website.


As usual, the event starts at 4.00pm until 9.00pm, closing the day with an awesome Cosplay Kick-off party that you would like not miss.

  • 3 escape rooms dedicated to Doctor Who: for those who aren’t familiar with escape rooms, these are a sort of game where you are locked in an environment with other participants and together you have to come to the solution of the enigma that keeps you locked in. If you are a fan of our favorite time traveler doctor extraordinaire, you are going to nail these.
  • Q&A with Matt Vincent, Cerina Vincent, Charlet Chung, Zachary Levi and more. Most of the panels are not happening at the same time so you can enjoy them all!
  • Dancing and “How to” put on your own “Rocky’s Horror show”, for those who loved the iconic musical.
  • Speed dating: hetero edition. You might find your other half in a convention!


Doors open at 10.00 am and close at 9.00 pm with 3 different parties: Retro Glow (With Jessica Nigri, just saying), Space After Party, and Nerd Noise Night.

  • Entrepreneur looking to educate yourself at FanExpo2017? This is your day. There would be a lot of different panels about how to make your passion a running business, how to get your work published, create your own tabletop game or just how to become a handier crafter in your builds.
  • Richard Dreyfuss, James Marsters, John Barrowman, Tim Curry, Khary Pyton, Bob Morley, Kathleen Turner, Billie Piper, Sean Jara and Jennifer Hale, among others, will be having Q&A and special panels.
  • Speed dating: LGBTPQ and Hetero editions.
  • Nina Nesseth presents us the science behind the recently concluded Orphan Black
  • Do you like RWBY? The cast is going to be giving a panel! Do not miss it out!


This is the busiest day.  From 10 am to 7 pm I promise you it will be packed with awesome cosplayers and a lot of events, such as panels with HUGE celebrities that are going to be happening on this day only, such as Norman Reduss autograph signing or Kristin Kreuk most recent project panel talk. Take precautions to not miss this once in a lifetime chance!

  • Meet Jessica Nigri and Leeanna Vamps, both cosplayers extraordinaire legends!!
  • Nathan Fillion, Finn Wolfhard, Gaten Matarazzo, Caleb McLaufhlin, Tom Cavanagh, Jason Isaacs and more. So much more.
  • Lots of panels about 3d modeling, video game development, including exclusive ones with Rob Schwalb or Robin Laws


The event opens at 10 am and is the last day of FanExpo 2017, closes at 5 pm.

  • Catherine Tate, David Ramsey, Bruce Campbell, Victor Garber, Felicia Day, Paige O’Hara, Robby Benson, Stephen Amell, and so many others will be giving Q&A panels
  • Bring your purse and parasol, Sunday is Lolita-day to shine the cutest you can be.
  • The cast of Rocky’s horror show will be giving only on this day, an exclusive Q&A panel.

But that’s not all…

On FanExpo only there would be three premier events: City’s original production, Bad Blood and Ghosted and the new adaptation for a not-so-well known lesbian vampire, Carmilla (on a personal note, Carmilla beats Dracula any day, every day)

Quoting the fan expo information you would be able to meet with part of the cast and the production of both series and see a sneak peek preview of the vampire’s drama.

Do not let the haters spoil you the surprise, come and see it here first, on FanExpo 2017

In any case, we will leave you the links to the main events so you can have all the info that you need at one click distance.

Hope to see you there!

Maria Caterina Bruciapaglia

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