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Immersion s04e06-07: Last of Us and Mass Effect join the party

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(Lechería, April 22nd. Yakuza Webzine).- That great show that combines MythBusters with video games is back. And it has returned for real, Immersion focused on the most recent releases this time.

After a short pause for recharging, Immersion has returned to keep testing if what we see in video games can be used in real life. Moreover, for the most recent experiments, the chosen games were Last of Us and Mass Effect, great, isn’t it?

In the case of Last of Us, Burnie Burns (The Amazing Race) and our “lab rats” Gavin Free (The Slow Mo Guys) & Michael Jones (Achievement Hunter) wanted to confirm if it’s possible to aim properly and kill lots of zombies while you are hanging upside down.

Nota Immersion s04e06-07 01

In the game, this is quite easy to the main character; however, performing it in real life seemed to be an entirely different deal. Nevertheless, Gavin and Michael shown that being in that uncomfortable position wasn’t an issue at all to terminate the enemies.

Nota Immersion s04e06-07 02

It’s true that in the first round, Gavin couldn’t stop Michael from being “killed”; but he managed to terminate 19 zombies and 2 out of 3 locks were unlocked. Of course, that is nothing compared to Michael’s performance. Michael not only managed to protect Gavin so he could unlock all the locks, but he also killed 30 zombies!!

Nota Immersion s04e06-07 07

After seeing their performances, it was clear that being hanging upside down it’s not a big deal when it comes to shooting. By the way, I have to highlight how Gavin and Michael set up a trap to capture Burnie. It was about time for Burns to lose one.

Nota Immersion s04e06-07 08

Facial Expressions and Mass Effect

Now, it’s time to speak of Mass Effect. It’s true that the last game of the franchise, Mass Effect: Andromeda, couldn’t avoid being polemic; however, we are not going to talk about facial expressions right now, but the characters’ abilities.

Nota Immersion s04e06-07 06

In this particular case, the Immersion team wanted to confirm if the ability called “charge”, from Mass Effect: Andromeda, could be used effectively in a real life combat. In order to do that, Rooster Teeth’s crew prepared a proper field and a stunt rope system provided by “ZFX Flying Effects”, so Michael and Gavin could “charge” against their opponents to see how useful that ability was.

Nota Immersion s04e06-07 04

Now, the two individual rounds and the cooperative one were fun to watch; however, and despite the fact that when Michael and Gavin teamed up they managed to defeat all the enemies, it was clear that this kind of abilities are only useful inside the game.

Nota Immersion s04e06-07 09

By the way, Gavin got a “present” from this test since one of the enemy bullets hit him in the mouth. But, don’t worry, “No Gavins were seriously harmed during the making of this show”. Besides, now there is no doubt regarding the matter, Bioware really wants to make facial expressions that look more realistic. I know, terrible joke. See you in the next review.

Nota Immersion s04e06-07 05

By Shougo Amakusa (@shougoamakusa)</em
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