Inicio English Immersion s04e05: NBA Jam got on fire with flaming balls

Immersion s04e05: NBA Jam got on fire with flaming balls

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(Lechería, December 9th. Yakuza Webzine).- This episode of Immersion was dedicated to NBA Jam. And I am afraid things got very, very hot while they were filming it.

Sports video game are among the most favorites ones for gamers; therefore it is not unusual that this show dedicates an entire episode to the most famous franchises. One of them is, undoubtedly, NBA Jam, which is very well known thanks to its famous flaming balls.

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Now, Can a flaming ball really help to improve players’ performances? Burnie Burns (The Amazing Race) and our “lab rats” Gavin Free (The Slow Mo Guys) & Michael Jones (Achievement Hunter) decided to check it out.

Nota Immersion s04e05 02

In order to do that, Rooster Teeth’s crew prepared a very peculiar challenge. Gavin and Michael had to check if they really could become Basketball superstars only by using flaming balls.

Nota Immersion s04e05 04

A lot of fire, and a pretty low score

Nota Immersion s04e05 03

At the end, it was proven that if you don’t have talent nor train really hard, a special ball is not going to help you improve your skills. The performance of our “lab rats” was dreadful; although I must highlight that Burnie and Tyler Coe really stepped out as narrators.

Nota Immersion s04e05 05

It is true that the special suits Michael and Gavin were wearing were really uncomfortable and not appropriate to play Basketball; however, that does not justify how horrible they played.

Nota Immersion s04e05 06

In conclusion, no, if you are not good at Basketball, using flaming balls is not going to change that. It doesn’t matter if NBA Jam says otherwise. See you next time my friends.

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By Shougo Amakusa (@shougoamakusa)
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