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Complete interview with Natasha Blasick (Unedited)

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1.- How did you get involved in the project Cat-man and Kitten With the Vigilante Vixens?

I got submitted for the part. And the next thing I knew creators Matt Deitch and Thomas Schade called me. Before we met I read the script. I got so happy and excited when I read it. We met in person and everything just clicked. I was impressed with their knowledge and commitment to making the best film they can. They offered me the part and I gladly accepted. It just felt right in my heart. I’ve been fascinated with the world of superheroes for a couple of years now. I’m actually developing my own character, but that’s another story. So in a way I felt like the super powers of this world brought this part to me for the forces of good.

2.- Your character, Phantom Girl, is part of the Legion of Super-Heroes in DC Comics. Are you reading comics on display as part of your preparation? If you are, how is the experience for you?

I’m always learning more about the different super hero universes. I’m reading up on the history of the character because this film is utilizing all characters that have gone into the public domain. My Phantom girl is NOT part of the DC Universe but a member of the Vigilante Vixens which is made up of public domain super heroines. The Vigilante Vixens never existed before. They were created especially for the film to kick ass.

What I love about reading comics is that it’s totally immersive. It’s as engaging and as comprehensive as any other medium. When I read a comic, the world around disappears, and I get caught up in the story. Plus, people have super powers. How cool is that? Sometimes it seems as if this world is falling apart. It’s nice to have hope and an ideal of goodness.

3.- Without giving too many details, but what can you tell us about the script of this film?

It’s a good ensemble piece of super heroes. It’s explores their friendships and rivalries. It’s a little bit sexy. It’s a little bit cheeky and playful. For me, it’s a feel good story with adventure with super powers. There’s going to be a lot of super heroines to enjoy. It explores female empowerment and female friendships. I love how in the script you really see their differences in personality and powers. And you also see how they stand together.

4.- This is an independent film outside the major studios. What is the biggest challenge for a production of this type in order to stand out in a market full of blockbusters based on comics?

I can give you my viewpoint, as an actress, for this project. I think the biggest challenge is probably going to be special effects on a lower budget. The audience’s eyes are used to cutting edge visuals. Matt and Thomas want to use as many practical effects as possible. Actually that will be something to set us apart. We don’t want to be competing with the studios; that’s unrealistic. In the world of marketing, the marketing budget plays a huge factor. Indies often put all of their money into production. Whereas studio pictures can have a bigger marketing budget than the cost of production. I think the challenge is the same for any movie of any budget – awareness. Hopefully the audience will find us.

5.- As an actress what atracted you to the Phantom Girl character?

What drew me to her at first is her playfulness and also her intelligence. And also her confidence. Because she doesn’t actually have superpowers, she is interesting because she uses her mind to come up with technology to accomplish her goals. She is an amazing person in the world of superpowers. She stands right next to the other heroes and fights. She’s a good example to inspire anyone to utilize the gifts that they do have rather than be stopped by what they don’t have. She’s not intimidated to stand beside the other heroes. That’s human courage at its best.

6.- Being a superhero movie, are you receiving some sort of special physical preparation for the role? What can you tell us about it?

I’m being proactive and doing my own training. Filming is currently slated for the Autumn. So as of now it’s all me. I want to do a good job and be ready. I’m increasing my cardio and weight training and working on my flexibility. I work out with Jillian Michaels videos and enjoy kickboxing classes. Since the character is fully human, I think it’s especially important for me to get in strong physical shape to feel and understand her more.

7.- Now let’s talk about your career until now. You have many acting credits, but mostly in small to medium sized films. What can you tell us about the struggles of building an acting career in Hollywood?

Where do I begin? lol There are struggles aplenty. I’m so grateful for the roles I’ve played and especially for all the good will I’ve received from fans and new friends. The great actor Michael Caine in his book Acting On Film says that lead actors must play lead roles. So by this advice I feel very proud of my work to date. Of course I want to act in movies that reach a bigger audience and tell stories that I really care about. But every movie I work on, no matter the budget, gets my best effort. There’s no such thing as doing it half way. Either you’re acting or you’re not. Like Yoda says “Do or do not”. It requires 100% commitment to the character. I do understand when I see flaws in the script or production. I always hope it will come off nicely in the finished product. Sometimes if people don’t like a project, they blame the lead actors. Every department must do its job well to make a good film. The challenge is to search for good roles I’m passionate about and not to get burned out by the struggles of this business. When I’m acting, between the moment of action and cut is pure magic for me. I love the craft of storytelling so very much.

8.- You also have a band with your husband. How did you start playing music? 

I went to music school as a child but I concentrated more on dancing and acting. When my husband Martin Blasick got me a bass guitar, I was already grown up here in America. Martin booked a show for us to play together in a couple of weeks. He taught me how to play. We created a band called Snowflakes ( The songs are about the environment, UFOs and love. Martin has a lot of experience writing songs for movies and tv. He even earned a gold record for producing a song on the Princess Diaries 2 soundtrack and has worked with Oscar winners (I hope I will be next). I always say it’s important to step outside of my comfort zone. But confronted with that first show I felt this might not be such a great idea. But then I do have something in my personality where I don’t like to give up. Not only did we make it through that first show, I got endorsed by Daisy Rock Guitars. Now we play regularly and I actually feel like a musician and I enjoy it more and more. If you see the videos of me playing live hopefully you will see how much fun I have. I never knew that I would be such a rock and roller. I can’t imagine not playing music now.

9.- I also read at your website that you have a passion for fashion design. Did you learn by yourself?

Yes, I do have a passion for fashion and fashion design. First of all my grandmother and also my father made clothes. So I grew up around that. I started out making clothes for my dolls. Then I graduated to my friends. And now I make experiments on myself. It’s another way to express creativity. What I like is geometrically driven designs.  I’m totally self taught. I like interesting draping, interesting cuts and I do enjoy deep, plunging necklines, showing off the fabric and a sense of glamour.

10.- Tell us about your modeling career. How did you start in that world?

I was in a beauty pageant, Miss Odessa, in my hometown of Odessa, Ukraine. We had modeling training and runway training. We had photo shoots. I think that’s what really got me started. I enjoyed it so much. When I moved to America, so many people asked me if I’m a model. It happened so often I thought perhaps I should do something about it. On my first acting job, on the set of a movie, another girl offered to set me up with her agent. And, I was off to the races. Since then it’s something that’s become a part of me. I’ve done runways, walked fashion shows, been the face of a brand, fashion shoots, catalog shoots, commercials and more. I was even featured in FHM. Although acting is my main passion, I really, really love modeling.

11.- Changing subjets, you were in the news all around the world a couple of years ago with a story about Ghost Rape, and previously for your experience with an UFO. What can you tell us about those experiences and how they were portrayed in the news?

First of all I didn’t expect that the ghost story would become such a big news item. I did a lot of soul searching asking myself if I wanted to share this before the interview. The interview was in the wee hours of the morning so that it would be live on English TV. I just went to bed afterward. When I woke it was a big story and it was very overwhelming for me. Some people wrote me that I’m insane and other people wrote very nice letters saying they’ve had a similar experience. As for the way the media portrayed it, what can I say, it was very entertaining. One news outlet created of picture of me in bed with Casper the Friendly Ghost smoking a cigarette. I thought that was pretty creative. Just for the record, I don’t smoke or do drugs, but I guess that’s what some people might have thought of me. The phenomenon is called spectrophilia. I wouldn’t have known that the entity was a ghost. I believe the media needs to name it something. When I heard it back it felt weird because I did not want to confront it until the end. I shared my experience. We can all together try to figure out what really happened. I enjoy scientific proof of pretty much everything. I wish there was some way to study what happened.

Now let’s talk about one of my favorite things, UFOs. Yes I encountered a UFO along with my father when I was a young teenager. While this didn’t make the news the way the other story did, I think it’s at least as fascinating. I believe strongly that we’re not alone in this universe. Like Jodi Foster says in the movie Contact «if it’s just us… seems like an awful waste of space.”  Like I mentioned before my band Snowflakes sings a lot of songs about UFOs. Maybe these things are part of the reason I like comics and sci-fi? I know there’s more out there than meets the eye.

12.- Now let’s get a little bit personal, can you recount to us how did you leave your natal Ukraine and moved to the United States? How did your life change after you moved there? 

I met Martin who lived in Los Angeles. We did the whole international dating thing and got married and moved to Los Angeles. I think when I moved I kind of purposely was not overthinking it. Looking back, I think the biggest change was from being an independent self actualized person with a fresh masters degree in international economy, I became a baby again, starting over. My friends from my university moved forward with their lives, the ones that they’d prepared for. And I was starting all over. On a positive side, going to a different country gave me the opportunity to ask myself what I really wanted to do. The longer I spend time here in Los Angeles the more I see the differences in culture. When I first got here I didn’t notice the differences on a deeper level, perhaps because my english wasn’t as strong back then. Not seeing my family as often as I might want was a big deal for me. The exciting part is that I am a professional actress, something I didn’t dare dream of back in Ukraine. It was not even in the spectrum of my dreams. Now I’m working in the entertainment capitol of the world and have done things I might have only dreamt about. And, also, I feel like even politically I can understand both sides of the coin better.

13.- Have you ever considered trying to break in the european film business? Maybe even in your home country?

I’ve explored it a little bit.  I’m searching for good films with good people involved. Hopefully that will get me there. One of my films was shot in India. It was an amazing experience. Being from Ukraine, every time I visit Europe it brings out an unexplainable, deep connection. So, yes, I would love to make movies there. Europe, are you listening? Send me your scripts.

14.- What does Natasha do on a free day? What are your hobbies and passions outside of work? 

I enjoy being out in nature. I love hiking. I have a doggie named Vivien. We spend time playing. I love going to museums. I love all kinds of art, movies and theater. I enjoy time at home by myself as much as I enjoy going out with friends. I believe rest is hugely underrated. I like to eat yummy foods. Traveling when I can. I am a big fan of sci-fi. I enjoy watching and following real space programs. I watch documentaries and try to keep up with the news. And, of course, I enjoy reading comics. Thank you so much for having me. I’m honored to be interviewed by your publication.

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