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Immersion s04e03: When destroying things is the right thing

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(Lechería, November 27th. Yakuza Webzine).- It is just impossible playing video games without breaking things; and that’s precisely the main point of the last episode of Immersion.

Nota Immersion s04e03 01

Even in family friendly games such as Mario Bros, breaking blocks is the main core; obviously this is more graphic in games with more violence and action. However, it is that easy destroying all that stuff in real life?

Nota Immersion s04e03 03

That was precisely the leit motiv of Burnie Burns (The Amazing Race) and “lab rats” Gavin Free (The Slow Mo Guys) & Michael Jones (Achievement Hunter) in the most recent episode of Rooster Teeth’s Immersion.

Nota Immersion s04e03 02

Nota Immersion s04e03 05

To answer this question, the crew of this awesome show spent countless man-hours and endless resources to build a unique obstacle course only to watch it be destroyed by our dear “lab rats”.

Nota Immersion s04e03 04

Nota Immersion s04e03 06

Tougher than it seems

Nevertheless, reality proven to be harder than fiction, and that’s why the first attempt of Gavin and Michael failed completely. For that reason, a second attempt was prepared, but this time, the objects were built as fragile as they look in video games.

Nota Immersion s04e03 07

Fortunately, our “lab rats” didn’t waste their second chance and managed to clear the course, although they almost ran out of time. By the way, the device for keeping our guys motivated deserves special mention.

Burnie gave Gavin and Michael a bomb. Yes, he gave them a real C4 bomb with a timer. At the beginning I thought it was fake, and at the end of the first attempt it seemed that way.

Nota Immersion s04e03 08

However, in the second attempt they had a little too much charge in the device (which was admitted by Burnie himself); although thanks to that we could watch an awesome explosion, which was a great finale for a great episode.

Nota Immersion s04e03 09

By Shougo Amakusa (@shougoamakusa)
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