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Yu-Gi-Oh! Community supports WCQ National Venezuela 2017

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WCQ National Venezuela 2017

(Lechería, May 25th. Yakuza Webzine).- Against all odds, the WCQ National Venezuela 2017 not only could be carried out, but it also was a great success in terms of attendance.

It is not a secret that our country is going through terrible circumstances. The current situation has become critical, and the past few weeks have been particularly grave. Obviously, given this panorama, many organizers have decided to cancel most of the scheduled events not only in Caracas, but also in most of the important cities of the country. That is the reason many people believed that this year’s Yu-Gi-Oh! National would be cancelled as well.

However, thanks to both a titanic effort of the Tournament Organizers (Magicsur), and the unconditional support of the Yu-Gi-Oh! Community in Venezuela, the most important event of Yu-Gi-Oh! In the country could be carried out, and it really exceeded expectations. Yakuza Webzine could interview Laura Quiñonez, one of the people in charge of the event, and regarding that matter, she said:

“As Tournament Organizer I feel really pleased about the attendance we had. Not only we exceeded expectations, but also we received more players compared with last year. It was not easy to find a balance between our desire to carry out the event, and the responsibility of keeping everybody safe considering the repression we are currently facing. Unfortunately, the youngest players could not understand that. At the end, we firmly believe that we took the right decision, and the event took place without any incident, which pleased us all. On the other hand, we want to thank the players who made a titanic effort to go to the venue. The best contribution we could hope for is to feel and to know that despite the circumstances, the game is kept alive thanks to the effort of those who want to support their hobby as something important in their lives”

119 players in the main category surpassed the 108 that attended last year, even the Dragon Duel category had 5 duelists. Definitely, the Yu-Gi-Oh! Community in Venezuela does not want to witness the death of the game, no matter how bad the circumstances can get.

Nota WCQ National Venezuela 2017 01

It is important to highlight that in Venezuela is extremely hard to obtain foreign currency; therefore, purchasing the most recent expansions has become a titanic task, not only for the players, but for the stores as well. However, that has not stopped the players to go on heroic crusades in order to acquire the strongest decks in the current metagame. In fact, the final match of this year’s national was a mirror match between two Zoodiac decks.

Ok, now it is time to talk about the event. Seven rounds were played in the venue located in El Rosal, located at the east of Caracas city. The organizers decided to hold the event in the same venue used last year, and it was a good decision considering what was seen in 2016.

Nota WCQ National Venezuela 2017 02

A trademark of Venezuela’s Nationals are the large variety of decks you can see, and this year’s was not an exception. It is true that the Zoodiacs were the archetype most used, but we could see other decks such as True King – True Draco, Dinosmasher, Paleozoic – Frog, Kozmo, Metalfoes, and Buster Blader. We even could see older decks such as Lightsworn, Mecha Phantom, Evilswarm, Yang Zing, Zefra, Chain Burn, HERO, and Harpies.

On an important note, one of the reasons why the tournament took place without any major incidents was the six Judges from the Konami Judge Program, who had a superb performance under the wise guidance of the Head Judge Jesús Mazzacan. All the doubts regarding rulings and policies were handled flawlessly by that team. On a personal note, I have to say that it was an honor to work with them for the second year in a row as a Floor Judge.

All the matches were tough, and after seven rounds, the top cut was defined in order to start the second phase of the tournament. At the end of the day, it was not a surprise to see five Zoodiac decks among the eight players who got to the final phase. The other three decks were 1 Dinosmasher, 1 Paleozoic – Frog, and 1 Zefra.

Nota WCQ National Venezuela 2017 05

With that panorama, it was not hard to foresee the final match. Kanaan Asfour (a known face in finals of premiere events. In fact, he won the YCS Colombia a few weeks ago, and he got to the final match in Venezuela’s National 2015) played against Juan Mercatudo in an exciting mirror match.

Kanaan had previously played against a Zoodiac deck in one of the semifinals, whereas in the other semifinal Juan defeated the only Dinosmasher deck present in the top 8. Obviously, a final match between two decks so strong had to be solved in three duels and that was exactly what happened (same than last year).

The broken combos of the Zoodiac – Speedroid – Lunalight – Norden construction repeated again and again in both sides of the table, which in my opinion proves Konami right regarding the most recent Forbidden & Limited Card list. Kanaan won the first duel, and then Juan made a great comeback to win the second one. Finally, Kanaan started the last duel with an astonishing hand that gave him the higher ground from the beginning.

Juan fought bravely, and he even decided to go against the odds by activating Imperial Order in a risky move trying to stop his opponent. However, eventually Kanaan won that duel and the championship.

Nota WCQ National Venezuela 2017 03

The tournament lasted about 12 hours and the matches were played intensely, which showed that the Yu-Gi-Oh! Community still loves the game. Definitely, Yu-Gi-Oh! is still pretty much alive in Venezuela.

That is why I want to say to all the players in the country that we need to keep supporting the local stores in our cities. Only by doing that, they will be able to continue active organizing premier events. We must keep the game from dying.

Furthermore, the Dragon Duel tournament was also held and the winner was Adriano Cova who is going to be representing Venezuela in the upcoming continental. From here, we wish both Kanaan and Adriano good luck in the South American World Championship Qualifier & Dragon Duel Qualifier 2017, which is going to be held in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

For further information, visit the official fanpage of the WCQ National Venezuela 2017 or the official fanpage of MagicSur.

Finally, the following video shows the last minutes of the final match.

By Shougo Amakusa (@shougoamakusa)
Pictures: MagicSur.

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