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The second season of RWBY chibi is finally here

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(Lechería, May 27th. Yakuza Webzine).- After several months, RWBY chibi is finally here, and it came bringing the cutest version of the main show’s characters. Oh yeah!

When this spinoff was released, we were devastated due to the things that had just happened in RWBY’s volume 3. However, we are currently ok with our emotions, so RWBY chibi has a big challenge ahead. It has to prove that it can be entertaining no matter the circumstances.

The good news are that after watching the first episode I could see a lot of potential in this season. The writers managed to keep the show fresh, and including new characters proved to be a great decision. The bad news are that the second episode could have been a total lost. Fortunately, our beloved evil duo came to the rescue. Roman and Neo are simply great.

Let’s talk about the first episode. I think what happened with Ozpin explained many things. I just couldn’t believe that Cinder was able to set a huge complot right under his very nose. However, now I can imagine how that happened. Definitely, Ozpin is not the smartest Headmaster you can see.

The scene with Penny was awesome. Seeing her again brought back many feelings, and above all of that, it showed me how much I missed her. It will be good to see her around from now on.

Regarding the other scene. I honestly think that it lacked of strength. The whole Pyrrha-saying-I’m-sorry thing is starting to feel awkward in my opinion. I think it is time for her to shine, and for that, she needs to step away from her clichés. I hope the writers take that into account in the future.

A weak second episode

Now, about the second episode. Thank God that in the end the evil dynamic duo appeared. Roman and Neo made watching that episode worthy. Those guys are cool, period, and they show it every time they have screentime. Not to mention that the chibi version of the Geist was simply very funny.

I would like to watch the next episode sooner, and speaking of the next episode, I think it was a bad idea from Rooster Teeth to make those who have a normal account to wait an entire week to watch each episode. What is the point of having a normal account if we have to wait the same time than the people who watch the show via YouTube? In addition, I am saying this without considering those who has a normal account and live outside the United States. They have even less benefits.

Maybe a 24 hours delay is too short, but I think that a 72 hours delay (or even a 96 hours delay) would be fair and square for everybody. I really hope Rooster Teeth changes its mind on this matter. See you in the next review.

By Shougo Amakusa (@shougoamakusa)
If you want to watch the show you can do it in the official website.

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