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RWBY Volume 6 Theory: What does Salem truly want?

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(Lechería, November 21, O’kuroku).- This time I am not writing a review, but sharing theory that has been spinning around my head since I finished watching episode 3 of RWBY Volume 6.

After chatting a lot in several RWBY Facebook groups, this theory took proper form and I thought it was the right time to write it down. So, let us try to answer the question: What does Salem truly want?

Watching the world burns? Conquering humanity? Destroying Ozpin? Ruling mankind? Killing the gods? I know many of you just see her as a wicked witch, but to be honest I think that is unfair. In the end, she was just a woman in love who went through hell for the man she loved. Obviously, after going through hell she took some damage, or a lot of damage to be precise.

However, if you analyze her actions one thing comes clear almost instantly. Salem is not trying to take over the world. In fact, she is almost completely focused on getting all the relics by getting all the maidens. The only thing capable of diverting her attention is the whole “dividing humanity” thing.

According to what she has said and done throughout the series, only two main goals can be devised. 1) Bringing the relics together and 2) Keeping mankind divided. Ok, once we have established that, the next question to be asked is: Why is she doing that?

Surprisingly, that answer is so straight forward that it is almost impossible to miss. What is going to happen once the relics are brought back together? Exactly. The gods will return to the world of remnant. Now, once they are back there are only 2 scenarios: 1) Mankind is living in harmony, so the gods stay on the world and make humanity whole again, or 2) Mankind is divided, so the gods erase everything from existence.

Ok, by now I assume you must have concluded that Salem is clearly going for the second scenario. So why would she be trying to accomplish that? Would not she get wiped out too if that happens? Well, here lies the quid of my theory. Yes, she would get wiped out too, and that is exactly what she wants. In short, Salem wants to die.

Do not you remember? What did she want when the gods left? Yes, she wanted to die and that is why she threw herself into the God of Darkness’ pool. Afterwards, she met Ozma again and she decided to be happy with him… until he betrayed her. Because of that foolish action, Salem ended up losing everything again.

You could argue that she did not lose her power or her domain, but does Salem truly care of those things? From day one, Salem did not care for anything… except Ozma. She started to feel alive when Ozma appeared in her life.

If you watch episode 3 again, carefully check Salem’s expressions during her time living with Ozma. When did she show kindness and fulfillment? When she was talking about conquering or replacing humanity? No. It was when she was dedicated to her family. For Salem, anything apart from her family is not important. (that is why Ozma’s betrayal hurt her so much, to the point of making her go berserk)

So, after losing what was truly important for her, she just went back to the same mindset she had when the gods left. However, this time she is fully aware that not only she cannot die, but also she cannot be killed… except by the gods.

Considering that, she has to bring the gods back, that is why she is gathering the relics. Nevertheless, there is another problem. The gods are not going to kill her just because she wants it. This whole mess started with the God of Light refusing to grant Salem’s wish, plus both gods have told Salem that demanding things will not work.

What can Salem do then? Well, there is a way where she would be surely killed by the gods without needing to ask them to do it. How? Judgment day. If the gods judge humanity as irredeemable, they will erase everything from existence. It is not a direct method, but is extremely effective.

So, Salem not only needs to get all the relics, but she also has to make sure that mankind remains irredeemable. If she conquered humanity, in a way, it would be unified under her ruling, which could make the gods to go for the first scenario (yes they are that stupid)

That is why she is doing nothing towards conquering, she cannot afford creating any flaws. Now, you might be thinking that getting everything wiped out just to die is somehow too much… and you are right. However, keep in mind that Salem only cares for Ozpin and her family, and sadly the former is not willing to be with her, and the latter was destroyed.

In short, Salem is just trying to kill herself dragging mankind in the process. That is why I think Ozpin is approaching the entire situation (included his question about destroying Salem) in the wrong way. What do you guys think?

By Shougo Amakusa (@shougoamakusa)
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