Inicio English RWBY: Volume 4’s Japanese trailer leaves more to imagination

RWBY: Volume 4’s Japanese trailer leaves more to imagination

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(Lechería, September 11th. O’kuroku).- After streaming a trailer for RWBY Volume 3 that left nothing to imagination last year, Warner Bros. Japan decided to hide some of the good stuff this time.

This trailer, again, shows the great performance of the voice cast. I will say this over and over again, the cast assembled for this series is really an “All-Star” team.

The 4 main characters are Saori Hayami (The Irregular at Magic High School’s Miyuki Shiba), Yoko Hikasa (Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?’s Freya), Yu Shimamura (Attack on Titan’s Annie), and Ami Koshimizu (Kill La Kill’s Ryuuko Matoi)

Other cast members are Masaki Terasoma (Fate/stay night: UBW’s Souichirou Kuzuki), Shizuka Itou (Prison School’s Meiko), Marina Inoue (Attack on Titan’s Armin), Hikaru Midorikawa (Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto’s Sakamoto), Yuichi Nakamura (Fairy Tail’s Gray), and Yoshiki Nakajima.

Last year I was dumbfounded with all the things that were revealed: Pyrrha and Jaune’s kiss, the fight between Yang and Adam, Ruby’s new power… Fortunately for all the people who hates spoilers, this time the revelations were kept to minimum.

But there still are revelations in this trailer, the main one being watching Yang sparring with her dad while using her bionic arm. Moreover we happen to see a big part of Crow and Tyrian fight, including the moment when Ruby is saved by her uncle. I guess they have to spoil at least some of the big things. Luckily they decided to show nothing of the final battle.

Along with the trailer, Warner Bros. Japan’s official anime YouTube channel began streaming a trailer and 15- and 30-second versions of a commercial for the fourth volume, which will have a two-week theatrical screening at the Shinjuku Piccadilly, Cine Libre Ikebukuro, 109 Cinemas Kawasaki, 109 Cinemas Nagoya, Namba Park Cinema, and Movix Kyoto theaters beginning on October 7.

The cast includes:

Ruby Rose: Saori Hayami
Weiss Schnee: Yoko Hikasa
Blake Belladonna: Yu Shimamura
Yang Xiao Long: Ami Koshimizu
Jaune Arc: Hiro Shimono
Nora Valkyrie: Aya Suzaki
Pyrrha Nikos: Megumi Toyoguchi (Shizuka Itou)
Lie Ren: Souma Saitou
Sun Wukong: Tomoaki Maeno
Neptune Vasilias: Yoshiki Nakajima
Coco Adel: Shizuka Itou
Penny: Megumi Han
Roman Torchiwick: Shinichiro Miki
Cinder Fall: Yuuko Kaida
Emerald Sustrai: Marina Inoue
Mercury Black: Hikaru Midorikawa
Ozpin: Kazuhiko Inoue
Glynda Goodwitch: Masumi Asano
James Ironwood: Masaki Terasoma
Adam Taurus: Yuichi Nakamura
Cardin Winchester: Subaru Kimura

Theaters screening the fourth volume will begin offering a limited-edition Blu-ray Disc of the installment on October 7. The two-disc release will cost 6,000 yen (about US$55) and include a special case and postcards. Warner Bros. will release the fourth volume in limited-edition and regular Blu-ray Disc and DVD releases on November 29.

Volume 5 of the web series will premiere on October 14, and Rooster Teeth have revealed two promotional videos. The first one was Weiss Character Short, which was revealed on July 17, and the second was Blake Character Short which was revealed on September 4.

Source: ANN.

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