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RWBY v06e06: When apathy becomes a weapon

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(Lechería, December 11, O’kuroku).- The last episode of RWBY took me by surprise. I did not expect to see that kind of tone in this series, but I am glad they took the risk because it paid off.

Drama, action, adventure, romance, comedy, even tragedy, are genres we have experienced throughout RWBY. However, having an entire episode full of suspense and horror was a change of pace in the series.

There were moments when I forgot I was watching RWBY and I thought I was watching a classic horror film. Camera angles, sequences, voice acting, sound effects, everything was handled brilliantly to have an outstanding result.


Watching fans reactions on YouTube I could confirm people really felt the tension of the moment, it was like feeling an oppression in the heart. Although it was not the first time I have felt that vibe (I have watched a lot of horror movies), I have never expected getting it from RWBY.

Besides, this new Grimm was astonishing. Not only its design, but its whole concept. A creature capable of making you losing your will to go on is terrifying. A monster like that is so domineering that you do not even have energy to feel fear, or to feel anything at all. When apathy overcomes your survival instinct, it gets truly dangerous.


It obviously has some weaknesses like being too slow (otherwise it would be too broken), but if you happen to get trapped in its domain, it is almost game over. Luckily, Ruby’s silver eyes managed to save the day again, which leads me to the other good aspect of this episode.

Maria Calavera stood up in this episode and show that she is not just a fragile old lady, but a former powerful warrior. She was the one who unveiled the mystery that surrounded the farm, and she was the one who showed Ruby how to awake her powers.


Discovering that Maria has indeed silver eyes too was not shocking since the fandom was discussing it even since the trailer was made public. Nevertheless, the way we get the confirmation was great; besides, considering the preview of episode 7, it seems we are going to get an insight of her past now.

In short, another gorgeous episode of RWBY. This volume is getting better and better. I hope it follows this trend until the finale. I cannot wait for episode 7. See ya in my next review.


By Shougo Amakusa (@shougoamakusa)
If you want to watch the show you can do it in the official website.

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