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RWBY v05e06: Yang vs Raven. The Battle of Mother and Daughter. Round 2

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(Lechería, November 24, O’kuroku).- This episode of RWBY let us see the second round of Yang and Raven’s confrontation. Although, in my opinion, it fell a little bit short.

We had to wait two weeks to see the continuation of the confrontation between mother and daughter, and as we expected, there were some interesting revelations. However, the scene ended too fast, and I think it left many of us wanting some more.

However, let us begin from the start. The first scene showed Qrow trying to recruit those huntsmen who did not belong to Haven Academy. Nevertheless, at the end of the day, that plan failed.

I personally do not think that all of those people are conveniently out of reach by chance. Perhaps I am nitpicking here, but I believe Salem is behind that. After all, those huntsmen are not under her control.

Not to mention that the tone of that scene, especially the moment when the little girl asked her daddy if Qrow knew where her mommy were, seemed to indicated that those huntsmen and huntresses are dead rather than out of reach.

The next scene was the one we all were waiting for, the second part of the confrontation between Yang and Raven. I want to point out some interesting facts now. First, the mother of the blond girl let them know that the goals of huntsmen are not always pure.

Not all of them want to be heroes. In fact, many of them care only about money and fame, while others only want to get stronger. Now, the real blast here was Raven saying that she and her brother joined Beacon Academy in order to learn how to kill huntsmen. The tribe needed to build a counterforce against huntsmen since they were the only ones capable of ruining them, aside from the Grimm.

By the way, I want to highlight the fact that team RWBY and team STRQ had similarities; not only in their behavior but especially in the way Ozpin treated them. Ah, and by saying that, Raven pretty much confirmed that she knew all along that Weiss was Yang’s partner, which makes all the kidnapping thing even nastier.

Moreover, Raven revealed one thing we more or less knew already: Ozpin was the designer of all the Academies, and those Academies were built in order to recruit followers to his cause. Furthermore, Qrow’s sister also revealed to Yang and Weiss the fact that the Grimm have a Master called Salem, and that she is the reason why Ozpin need to have… an army?

It is interesting how Raven describes Salem, she said that Salem “cannot be stopped, cannot be reasoned with, and will not rest until humanity crumbles at her feet”. For me it is crystal clear that Raven fears Salem deeply, and that is why I think that when Salem makes contact with Raven, Qrow’s sister will probably hand over Vernal. I hope to be wrong, though.

Of course, Yang did not believe Raven, and she got upset because her daughter believed in everybody but her mother. That is why Raven told Yang that she should not believe everything she is being told, or else she is going to end like Qrow and Taiyang. Of course Yang got really angry when Raven said Taiyang was a fool.

Raven then insinuated that she knew a lot about Yang and that increased her daughter’s anger. Afterwards, the blond girl finally vented her frustration by saying to Raven that she was never there, and that she left them. Although the key thing here was that Yang asked her mother why. Finally, Yang made that question to her mother, and it was about time. It would have been absurd if she would have left without asking that.

After hearing the question, Raven replied that she indeed knows more about Yang than she realizes, and she is not referring only to the things she have been told. How can Raven know that much? Patience, I will get there, but before, let us point out that Raven stated three important things: The Grimm have a leader, there are people who can come back from the dead, and magic is real.

Many people thought that Qrow’s semblance was being able to turn into a crow, but later it was revealed that his semblance is misfortune. So the question remained… why he can do that? Many theories spread out, and another question raised: “Can Raven do the same?”. Do not forget that more than once it was implied that there was a raven following the main characters.

Well then, Raven enlightened us in both matters: first of all, she and Qrow can indeed turn into a raven and a crow respectively. Second, they are able to do that because of magic, and third, Ozpin was the one responsible for that to happened.

What happened afterwards was what I disliked of that scene. I feel that both Raven and Yang behaved wrongly, very wrongly indeed. Raven thought that her revelation of being able to turn into a raven would suffice to make Yang staying with her, and Yang let her anger to speak for her and she left without thinking things thoroughly.

I will keep saying that Raven does indeed love her daughter, and she sincerely wants Yang to stay away from the danger. Not to mention that Raven respect Yang as a fellow warrior, and for that reason she wants her to join the tribe. However, I think the lack of experience as a mother played against her this time.

If they would have had other behavior, especially other attitude, they would have come to an understanding, and Yang would have left in better terms. In fact, when Raven threatened her daughter by saying that if she sided with her uncle, the next time they meet she will not be kind, Yang replied that she had not been kind that time either, and Raven had to accept it. I may be wrong here, but I truly want them to have that fresh start Raven mentioned.

Anyway, I think that everything will change, for better or for worse, when Salem makes contact with Raven. In my opinion, there are three possible outcomes to that: Raven becoming Salem’s ally, Raven becoming Salem’s enemy, or Raven pretending to become Salem’s ally. Let us see what happens.

By the way, Vernal’s behavior was interesting too. She acts like some kind of maid/deputy for Raven, and I am really curious of how such a powerful warrior ended up in that position.

The final scene was brief but touching. If the reunion of Yang and Weiss made many of us cry, the reunion among both girls and team RNJR was even more moving. It was an outstanding scene from every perspective. The direction, the animation, the performance of the voice actors (especially Lindsay), the music, everything was superb. It was so good that I have nothing more to say about it.

Ah, and regarding the confrontation between mother and daughter, Raven won this round by turning into a raven. See ya in my next review.

By Shougo Amakusa (@shougoamakusa)
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