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RWBY v05e05: The time for having conversations has arrived

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(Lechería, November 15, O’kuroku).- If someone requests me to describe this episode of RWBY in one word, I would say dialogs. The three scenes of it were people having conversations.

This episode opened with Blake and Sun trying to convince the people of Menagerie to join their cause, and as you may have expected, that strategy ended in a complete failure.

In fact, Belladonna herself said that the Faunus who live in Menagerie wants to isolate themselves from the rest of the world. Knowing that, it was delusional to think that they were going to join the crusade of the Belladonnas. I guess Blake and Ghira thought they had nothing to lose, except time, trying to recruit them.

Now, the key point of this scene was the fact of Blake showing her emotions and thoughts. Considering the four main characters, she is the one who had shown less in those departments so far.

Therefore, knowing that she sees Ruby as purity, Weiss as defiant, and Yang as strength was an improvement. Not to mention that we could see her with other attitude towards Sun whom she thinks is earnest. In fact, I think that the blacksun shippers got tons of material with this single scene.

Furthermore, it is a must to highlight how brave Sun was by deciding to ask about Adam. It is true that he did it out of jealousy, but that does not remove the fact of that subject being a very tricky one. However, this question allowed us to see how much Blake has change her opinion about Sun, since instead of getting mad at him, she decided to open to him.

On the other hand, it was interesting to see how Blake’s perception of Adam has evolved through time, first as justice, then as passion, and finally as spite. This is important since Belladonna clarified that she was not referring neither to hatred nor to rage, but to spite.

Many people actually think that those emotions are the same, but the truth is that they are different. The fact that some of them can lead to the others does not mean that they are equal, and the behavior of the people changes according to which of the three is dominating at a given time.

By the way, I must to highlight that I really love the way the CRWBY is animating the Faunus traits lately. Sun’s tail seems to be alive, while Blake’s cat ears are just cute. It is amazing how you can tell her emotions by watching her cat ears.

To finish my analysis of this scene I want to tell you that I liked to fact that Blake decided to protect and save Ilia. Specially, because the main reason behind that was Sun and his wish to protect and help Blake even when she did not wanted it. Finally, Blake understood the reason why Sun did not take a no for answer, and that perseverance inspired her.

The second scene showed us a little bit more of Ruby’s feelings, and I appreciated it. I have always thought that considering all the main characters, she is the one who desperately needs more development. Therefore, it was nice to know that she actually has not entirely dealt with the losses of Pyrrha and Penny.

Many people have said that they do not understand why Oscar got upset while talking to Ruby, but I think they do not really understand the predicament he is currently going through. His entire live has suddenly changed without giving him time to assimilate the whole situation, so I think it is natural for him to have sudden moments of rage, while processing everything.

Aside from that, there is no much else to say, except that I truly think it is time for Ruby to start maturing. All the foundations for that have been established, and the only thing left is her beginning her journey through that path.

Finally, in my opinion, the third scene established two things: The first one is that Ilia is way more complex as a character than I thought. On one hand, she showed no emotions towards the fact of Adam murdering Sienna. However, some minutes later she got doubtful after receiving the order of silencing the Belladonnas.

I think I am going to join the people who believe that she is a walking death flag. I definitely believe that she will have her redemption, but afterwards she will die. The problem with that is that Blake is going to have fuel to keep punishing herself. She might even run away again.

The second one was the fact that it is nearly impossible to take over the White Fang. The conversation between the Albain brothers showed us that the White Fang is not a monolithic organization, but the sum of various factions. Moreover, even Adam does not have complete control of it. In fact, it is likely for Taurus to be murdered once he stops being useful for the rest.

As a final remark, I want to say that I would like to know if Ilia and the Albain brothers know that Adam has established an alliance with humans. In case they do not know, I think it would be interesting to watch their reactions once they do, especially Ilia’s. See you in my next review.

By Shougo Amakusa (@shougoamakusa)
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