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RWBY v05e04: Yang vs Raven. The Battle of Mother and Daughter. Round 1

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(Lechería, November 9, O’kuroku).- Although many people was waiting for the start of the training arc in RWBY, the most relevant part of this episode was the encounter of Yang and Raven instead.

However, we will leave that for later, after all, that scene was the last part of the episode, and before that, a lot of relevant and worth commenting things happened.

The first scene showed us all the improvement made by Rooster Teeth crew regarding the animation of combat sequences. The progress has been huge, and now the choreographies are more free-flowing.

Definitely, using Maya is starting to make a difference in this department. In volumes 1, 2, and 3, the fights resembled “hack and slash” videogames, however, now this fight resembled an action movie. In volume 4 this change in style was not notorious due to there were some things to improve in the animation side, nevertheless, now I feel that the fights are reaching the top levels, and because of that, the new approach is clearer.

Well, it is time to speak of the start of the training arc, and I want to highlight two things in here since they are the most relevant in my opinion: The first one is that there is comedy again in RWBY. In this volume, we have seen comedy moments during the scenes, and that is something to be grateful. Since volume 3, the show acquired a dark tone, and having some light is always welcomed.

The second one is that we was able to know important facts about the aura and the semblances. In my opinion, the main point is that the aura is not a passive ability, but a skill that needs to be activated. Of course, it was established that with practice, you can unconsciously activate it, and that is why it looks like a passive ability.

Another thing that was confirmed was the effect of Ren’s semblance. There was a lot of speculation regarding that matter, and now all doubts were cleared. Lie is capable of masking emotions, which virtually makes him invisible to Grimm.

On the other side, the show keeps establishing the basis to show Jaune’s semblance. I personally think that he will end up being a powerhouse, since that will fulfill the “weak character that ends up being very powerful” formula. Besides, let us be honest on this, the man deserves it after all he has gone through.

By the way, great performance from Aaron Dismuke in the role of Oscar. I didn’t say that in the previous episode, but I have to say it now. I like a lot the way he managed to establish two different styles for the voice, not to mention that he was able to capture Shannon McCormick’s style as Ozpin.

The animation did a great job to show us the different demeanors of both personas, but that would have fallen short without a superb voice acting performance. Moreover, Shannon played Ozpin’s lines too so there were moments where both voices overlapped in order to boost the effect of the change in personality.

Ah, there is another interesting thing. It was revealed that semblances can evolve, which implies that other skills may appear later on. This is good because it will add variety to the attacks in the future.

Ok, now it is finally time to speak of the scene between Yang and Raven. I honestly think that it was one of the best scenes in the show so far. The tension, the behavior of both, the irreverence, even the poses, everything was superb.

It was about time to see more of Raven. This character has generated a lot of speculations in the fandom, and that is due to her mysterious and enigmatic nature.

Besides, I don’t know if you will agree with me, but there were moments where I felt that Raven truly cares and worries about Yang. The first one was when she called Yang’s name. In almost the entire scene Raven had this bossy attitude, but when she called her daughter’s name she did it in a caring tone, and her face had a tender expression. In fact, she was ready to show Yang some hospitality, and she even had the disposition of letting go the fact that her daughter beat her men.

The second one was when Yang said that she was not there for her mother. In that instant, Raven’s mood changed dramatically and she became more hostile. I personally believe that Raven got hurt after realizing that she was just a mean and not an end for Yang. Finally, the third one was when Raven said Yang was stubborn. Do I have to explain that one?

For the record, I am not saying that now Raven is mother of the year, however I think it is time to put aside the torches and listen to what she has to say. I currently somehow think that we have been being unfair with her.

On the other hand, I liked the way Yang faced her mother, specially the fact that the blond girl is planning to use Raven as a mean to get to Ruby. Many people criticized Yang’s decision of going with Raven instead of her sister, nevertheless now we know why she did that.

Of course, as I said before, that made Raven really unhappy, so the leader of the bandits tried to finish the talking. However, Yang again showed her strength by deciding to go against the tribe in order to accomplish her goal. Not to mention that there was even time for comedy (and love?) once that Weiss appeared.

Finally, I want to highlight three things of the whole scene: The first one is that the conversation among Yang, Weiss and Raven is going to be full of revelations. The second one is that the shippers got fresh material with that hug between the Schnee lady and Ruby’s sister, Is there more to it?

The third one is something I suppose everybody knows by now (it has even appeared in both Wikipedia and the Wikia), well in case you don’t, Vernal is the spring maiden. In the previous episode, her name was revealed, and that alone confirmed her true nature.

However, in case we needed more evidence, the strength she displayed in this episode was far beyond normal. Not to mention that, she appearing in the opening hinted that she was going to be an important character in this volume.

I think that dealing with her is going to be tough for both parties, the Salem one and the Ozpin/Oscar one. Vernal is definitely not Amber. Even if Raven decided to hand her over to Salem, I don’t think she would accept it without a fight. Ah, by the way, Yang was the winner of this round. See you in my next review.

By Shougo Amakusa (@shougoamakusa)
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