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RWBY v05e03: Revelations time

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(Lechería, November 2, O’kuroku).- This episode of RWBY was loaded with tons of interesting revelations that help us, step by step, to understand better what is happening.

This episode began in Menagerie with the Belladonnas trying to gain support and help for their plan. Here we had two revelations, one obvious and another… not so much. The first one is that Blake’s family’s plan is going to Mistral and defending Haven Academy against Adam’s plot.

However, I think the “not so obvious” revelation is the most important one. Why? Simple. Because we could know that, what is happening in Menagerie has a delay of one month compared with what is happening in Mistral. That changes a lot the way in we will see the episodes from now on, or at least it should do.

About the clues to reach that conclusion. They were two: The first one was given by Ghira when he said that the documents in the scroll indicated that the attack would be in two months. As for the second, I will get on that later.

Obviously, the next scene had the biggest amount of revelations, including the confirmation of the one-month delay. The first thing we got to know is that Ozpin’s soul is inside Oscar’s body, which now has two souls within.

Nevertheless, the subject does not end there. Ozpin pointed out that, the origin of that was not his semblance, nor a power he learnt, but a curse. It seems the Gods bestowed that curse upon him since he failed in stopping Salem in the past.

Furthermore, we knew that Oscar and Ozpin can share the control of Oscar’s body, and we were revealed of something crucial: Eventually, both souls will merge into one, ergo; their personas will change, although they will keep their memories.

This revelation and the previous one are of capital importance. Since that “eternal life” is a curse that means it is not something voluntary, and that changes the way in which it must be seen. Moreover, when both souls merge it will mean a huge change in Oscar as a character.

But hold on, there is more. It happens that Ozpin was not the first reincarnation. In fact, this being is “the combination of countless men who have spent their lives trying to protect the people of Remnant”, and it has been going through that process since “thousands years” ago. In my opinion, that represents a confirmation of it being the original wizard, the one from the four maidens’ story.

In fact, the reincarnation process Ozpin explained is somewhat similar, although not equal, to how the maidens transfer their power upon death. Could it be that the Gods bestowed the same curse upon the maidens too?

Moreover, the revelations kept going. According to what Ozpin said afterwards, it is clear that he and Qrow think that Lionheart is helping Salem, so they have decided to look for Huntsmen and Huntresses elsewhere.

One thing that created a lot of debate in the fandom was Qrow’s semblance and he being with Team RNJR. Well, when that table broke it was clear that his bad luck is pretty much active, although Ozpin not asking him to get away could mean that there is a way to control that. Let us see what happens.

Almost at the end, Ozpin confirmed the one-month delay thing by pointing out that Salem’s attack would be in a month. Why I say that? Both Ozpin and Ghira had the same reference: The day when classes are going to resume at Haven. The thing is Blake’s father said that would be in two months, while the former Headmaster of Beacon Academy said it would be in one.

This is interesting since it indicates that is very likely that by the time we see Mistral’s scenes, Blake and her group could be there already, but in a different location. Therefore, it would not be strange that all of them suddenly meet.

The rest of the episode showed us that Weiss remains captive, and that the woman who faces Cinder in the opening belongs to Raven’s group, a deputy perhaps?

Furthermore, we got to know that Weiss is capable of summoning her knight in different sizes, which is really convenient in the situation she is currently facing.

Summarizing, although there was no action sequences, this episode was really great thanks to all the information revealed. Besides, I really liked the fact that the fight between Adam and Ghira is now in the open. This will surely speed Blake’s group’s trip to Mistral. Let us see what awaits for us in the rest of the volume. See you in my next review.

By Shougo Amakusa (@shougoamakusa)
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