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RWBY v04e10: One Flashback and some Death Flags

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(Lechería, January 23rd. Yakuza Webzine).- We have finally reached the final episodes of RWBY volume 4, and the future of our main characters look dark. I would be surprised if none of them dies.

This episode starts with our friend Oscar who has already decided to leave the farm in order to meet his destiny. Nevertheless, if someone thought that Ozpin out of nowhere would grant extraordinary powers to the kid, I suggest you to think again. After what we saw, it is quite clear that the Headmaster is not going to make things easy for Oscar.

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Besides, as a bonus we could see Hazel, who had been off screen since episode one. Furthermore, the villain gave Oscar a good piece of advice, without knowing that the gesture will surely backfire to him.

Regarding Ruby, Jaune and Qrow, we didn’t see much, although we could see enough to notice a couple of Death Flags. The first one was the conversation between Ruby and Jaune where she feels guilty for dragging them to their current situation, and he makes her realize that it wasn’t her fault. Normally, this kind of scenes leads to the death of one or more characters. The second one, well, Qrow is not getting any better.

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Now it is time to talk about the best part of the episode. The Flashback. It was nicely done, it was touching, it made us suffer, and it made us understand Ren’s pain. Besides, we could witness the beginning of the friendship between Ren and Nora. Again, Rooster Teeth’s crew shows that they can manage the times flawlessly.

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A cliffhanger that leaves a bad feeling behind

Finally, we saw Ren and Nora in the present time, and it looks that they found the lair of the mysterious Grimm. Furthermore, it appears that the Grimm is heading towards Ruby and Jaune. This cliffhanger left us more Death Flags. The first one is the enormous threat Ruby and Jaune are about to face, not to mention that they will have to protect a wounded Qrow.

The second and most shocking one was watching Ren and Nora holding hands. Is this the confirmation of their ship? If it were, it would become a huge Death Flag. Do you remember what happened right after the kiss between Jaune and Pyrrha?

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Definitely, the last two episodes of this volume will probably take our breath away, and I only hope that we don’t end up crying aloud the loss of a beloved character. See you in my next review.

By Shougo Amakusa (@shougoamakusa)
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