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RWBY v04e09: Time for decisions… and Cherami Leigh!!!!

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(Lechería, January 9th. Yakuza Webzine).- Finally the time has come when RWBY’s main characters have to decide their future. And the choices they make will be with them for the rest of their lives.

In the four acts of the episode we could see that the moral was the same. It is time to choice your path. Let’s start with Yang, it’s true that she is still training, but she is already facing a major choice.

Keeping her fighting style or listening to her father and stop relying on her semblance for winning. This is big deal, folks, because if we consider that eventually she will be facing tough combats against very dangerous people, the decision she makes will definitely end up being vital in the outcome of those fights.

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With respect of the animation of the fight, it was pretty fluid and that is the key word in here. Despite the fact it was only a sparring, I liked it more than the fight of Tyrian against Team RNJR.

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Now, let’s talk about Weiss, from my point of view she had three choices. The first one was becoming papa’s pet, the second one was staying as papa’s prisoner, and the third one was to take control of her own life and get lost.

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Considering what we saw, the “Ice Queen” has decided to leave (and we all are happy with that). Now we will see how she executes her escape plan, and above all, what she is going to do afterwards. If there is something that I am sure of is that once she is outside the manor, Weiss will have a lot of decision making to do.

Now it is Blake’s turn. I admit that I was expecting something different for this scene (I said it in my last review). I was sure that all the spy thing was a trap, and that Adam was going to be waiting for Blake.

Nevertheless, I just loved being wrong for two reasons. The main and first one was the happiness of listening Cherami Leigh and realizing she now is part of RWBY’s cast. She has been one of my favorite voice actresses for many years, I even prefer her voice than the original Japanese one when I’m watching an anime series in which she is part of the English dub. It’s just gorgeous that now the original voice of the character is hers. Perhaps my only complaint is that I would have loved her getting a more important character.

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It is true that Ilia Amitola could end up being a major character in this mini arc of the show, but I don’t think that she will still be relevant after this volume. Anyway, I just loved reading her name on the credits (her voice had already rung a bell in my head)

Regarding her character, the chameleon thing was awesome, although all those color changes had no relevance at all. At the end, it seemed like they animators just wanted to show it to us. It had no effect in the fight. I think that could have been better.

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The other thing I liked about the change was that we could see Sun being more active and useful in combat, although he paid a price for that and ended up being wounded. I don’t think his life is in danger since the attach didn’t hit any vital organ, though.

What did happened is that thanks to Sun getting wounded, Blake is starting to show some emotions towards him. It’s true that what we saw is not enough to support anything romantic, but it could be the beginning of a change in her attitude towards him.

Now, Blake’s plan was to find shelter in Menagerie along with her family, but it seems that the lady will have to make a lot of adjustments in her schedule. Belladonna is going to face very complicated decisions in the near future.

By the way, I didn’t like this fight due to its lack of fluidity. Besides, some moves didn’t felt natural to me, and I think that it had a negative impact in the sequence.

A silence that hurts

Finally, it is time to talk a about Qrow and the others. They have already made some tough decisions. In fact, Team RNJR has split up. And what is worse, they are still keeping secrets among them. Ruby’s Uncle’s life is still at risk and the path she and Jaune took looks very dangerous.

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Honestly I was upset with Ren and Nora not being honest with the others, considering that the route taken by them was the safer one. Letting Jaune and Ruby go along a dangerous path without warning them was way above wrong, it was disloyal.

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Anyway, let’s see what decisions all the characters are going to make, and which consequences they will have to face afterwards. See you in my next review.

By Shougo Amakusa (@shougoamakusa)
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