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RWBY v04e07: We were promised an epic battle… and they delivered it

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(Lechería, December 26th. Yakuza Webzine).- I’m pretty sure this was one of the most expected episodes of RWBY. The cliffhanger of the last one, and the teaser released afterwards accomplished the goal.

Obviously everybody, or the majority of the fans at least, wished to watch the fight between Qrow and Tyrian. However, the other two acts of the chapter were very interesting because many things were set in motion.

First of all, now we know more about Oscar / Ozpin situation. It is a fact that both are sharing minds, and above all, Ozpin himself had the same issue before. If I was almost convinced that the Professor was dead, this scene was pretty much a confirmation for me.

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The boy is still reluctant, but I think is a matter of time that he decides to face his destiny. Some things I must highlight here were the dialogs and the performance of the voice actors, this first act was flawlessly.

And the quality didn’t fall in the second one. The scene between Weiss and her father was amazing. Jacques not only showed that he is a rogue person, but he made clear that his intentions from the beginning were to take control of the family and its legacy. In fact, if not for the resemblance, I would say that the boy is not a Schnee by blood, but a son of Jacques with another woman.

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Furthermore, after what we saw I don’t think Whitley still has supporters among the fandom, that boy is a clone of his father. However, all of that had a bright side, finally Weiss decided to take action and I’m convinced she won’t spend a lot of time locked in the “castle”. I just hope that Ironwood step in to protect her as he has offered.

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An extraordinary third act

Ok, finally it is time to talk about the desired scene. The fight between Qrow and Tyrian. The first thing I have to say is that the animation quality increased a lot, although I still think there is room for improvement. By the way, the score was truly a gift, as usual.

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The battle was great, and the fighting style of both was astonishing. By the way, I like the way Tyrian fights. Nevertheless, I feel none of the two was at the top of their capacities. Qrow didn’t show the full power of his weapon, and I think the Scorpion King has much more to offer.

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I also liked the way Ruby got involved in the fight, it was logic and realistic. However, one mistake of her was the only thing needed for Qrow to get exposed. Although the girl then took advantage of Tyrian’s distraction to counterattack, which was awesome. At the end, one thing was clear, when you are fighting for real, you cannot afford to be distracted.

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Now we will have to wait to see if Tyrian’s tail can regrow (I guess it will), how much is Qrow willing to reveal to the others, and what will happen to Weiss and Oscar. Not to mention that there are unfinished businesses back in Menagerie now that Adam knows Blake’s whereabouts.

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This volume gets better with each episode and I just love how the show is getting serious. If we use anime / manga terminology to describe it, I would say that RWBY stopped being Shounen to become Seinen. See you in my next review.

By Shougo Amakusa (@shougoamakusa)
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