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(Lechería, November 8th. Yakuza Webzine).- This review should have been published yesterday, but I had some issues and I couldn’t finish it. Luckily I managed to solve everything, and finished this article.

First thing I have to say is that the fandom was right on their predictions and this episode revolved around Blake and Yang. On one hand it seemed that the writers wanted to put Blacksun ship in the spotlight (causing terrible pain in Bumblebee shippers); and on the other hand, we could witness how Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can affect people.

Let’s focus on Blake first. This chapter made clear that her reasons for running away were far from a desire for hunting Adam down. The black-haired girl needs to sort things out first and that’s why she has decided to return home. Although, Belladonna let slipped that eventually she would go after the White Fang and its leader.

Nota RWBY v04e03 Review 06

After having an episode two with no action scenes, it was great to watch a new combat in this chapter. And I have to say that it was amazing. The entire sequence was awesome, from the Grimm’s design to the fighting choreography.

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This sequence screamed Re:Zero

Besides, there are three things I want to highlight at this point. First, it was interesting watching Blake without hiding she is a Faunus. I’d wish this was a permanent thing, but maybe I’m asking here too much.

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Second, all the interaction between Belladonna and Sun reminded me too many anime couples. In many cases, the male main character and the female main character in anime start interacting that way, and eventually they end up falling in love.

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Obviously, Bumblebee shippers are not happy with that; however, I think the writers did that intentionally. Now we will have to wait and see how this potential love triangle develops.

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The third thing is Sun’s reference to the “Journey to the East”. Now, here I have some doubts. Did the writers wanted to make a direct reference to Hermann Hesse’s book? Or did they wanted to make an indirect reference to the famous Chinese novel “Journey to the West”? Yes, the same novel that inspired Dragon Ball. Another thing we will have to keep in mind as the volume develops.

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Well, enough of Blake and her issues, it is time to put the spotlight on Yang. Things are more complicated in this side because the blond girl was very affected by her fight against Adam. It is clear that Ruby’s sister is suffering the effects of PTSD, and I feel her recovery will take a long while.

Yang is not only depressed, but she is also having some very terrifying flashbacks of her fight against Taurus. But if we think about it, that is completely logical considering what she suffered. We need to keep in mind that half of her arm was severed in that fight.

Again, there are three things I want to highlight at this point. First, I was nice to know that Ironwood decided to give the arm prosthesis to Yang as a way to recognize her achievements during Beacon’s battle. I know that it will not cure her disorder, but it will help her a lot after she recovers.

Second, I think Taiyang is going to have a very hard time trying to help his daughter, considering he looked totally clueless about how to deal with her disorder. Will he have some help? We’ll have to wait and see.

Finally, I felt happy watching Jen Brown returning as Lisa Lavender. I know this character will not have the same relevance as Pyrrha, but it is nice to know the actress is not leaving the show. Recordings and flashbacks won’t last forever, but as long as Lavender stays alive, Brown will be in the cast.

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Before start talking about the episode’s final scene, I want to highlight the music. Jeff Williams keeps showing that he is a Jedi Master when it comes to composing the score for each chapter. In the actions scenes as well as in the drama ones, the mood was flawlessly enhanced by the BGM.

Ok, now it is the turn for the final scene to be analyzed. It’s amazing how such a short dialog has left so much things to discuss. First of all, the treatment Cinder is receiving. Although we didn’t get a lot of details, it was clear that she really was in pain.

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Second, Salem showed that she is a person you don’t want to mess with. It’s true that she was very supporting with Cinder back in episode 1. However, when we are talking about serious business, it is clear that the main villain is not a tolerant person regarding failure or lies.

Nota RWBY v04e03 Review 04

A plot that starts to get very complex

Nevertheless, the most important thing in this scene was the issue regarding Beacon. I know that the nature of that was not revealed, but it must be something of capital importance. In fact, after receiving the debriefing from the jellyfish-looking Grimm, Salem started doubting Ozpin’s death, and she didn’t hesitate pushing Cinder to get a confirmation.

However, in my opinion, Cinder’s answer only helped to increases the doubts (even Salem noticed her trepidation). It is clear for me that someone is interfering in Salem’s scheme in Beacon, and the last words of the main villain were very cryptic.

Who was Salem referring when she wondered what that person might be planning? Considering what she said, I would bet she knows that person. Was it Glynda? Could that be the reason why Salem started doubting Ozpin’s death?

What is that relic Salem mentioned? Why does she need it? The list of things we need to keep in mind in this volume increases on and on. Definitely, the plot is getting more and more interesting with each episode, and after watching these three chapters I strongly believe that this arc is not going to get solved in this volume.

Por Shougo Amakusa (@shougoamakusa)
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