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RWBY v04e02: Rooster Teeth… You are evil

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(Lechería, October 31st. Yakuza Webzine).- ¡Happy Halloween to everyone! In this special occasion, I’ve come to share with you my opinion regarding the second episode of RWBY’s Volume 4.

After giving it a lot of thought, I decided that for this show I’ll write a review per episode. RWBY deserves it considering all the things it has accomplished; but, above all, considering what it represents for us. By the way, Spoilers ahead.

For this episode I have to say that the animation level increased again; there are some sequences where the frames are astonishing. The increasing in the quality of the visuals due to the use of Maya is huge.

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However, what I liked most was the fact that the show started to explore The World of Remnant. In the first episode we were able to see Salem’s lair; we weren’t told its location, though. And now, in this episode we finally met Schnee’s house.

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Weiss’ father is going to be hated for sure; nevertheless, I think he is not evil, but a stubborn guy who tends to overprotect everything… starting with himself.

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Now, what bothered me a lot was Weiss’ attitude. It was amazing watching her being submissive, being a “good girl”. I don’t know, but I think she will have to grow a lot before returning to Team RWBY.

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A heartbreaking ending

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But the end of the episode was simply too much to bear for the fandom. A few minutes before, we witnessed how cruel can be life in some villages in Mistral; however, even that was not enough to prepare us for the last scene.

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Watching Pyrrha’s video was very touching. Her words, the way Jaune was listening to her in order to train, his pain… and above all, Nikos’ love towards him. Despite she was not capable to clearly express it in the video, the feeling was there and it was strong.

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All of that only caused the return of the pain for Pyrrha’s dead. Those deep wounds just reopened. I can understand that it was necessary for showing us how Jaune is dealing with his lost; nevertheless, I just can’t stop thinking that the people in Rooster Teeth are laughing while watching us suffer… again.

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Por Shougo Amakusa (@shougoamakusa)
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