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RWBY v04e11: Prelude to Darkness

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(Lechería, January 30th. Yakuza Webzine).- RWBY volume 4 finale is around the corner, and this episode managed to be a great appetizer. Now we are ready for the main dish next week.

Finally, the pieces started to get set, and the reencounter of Team RWBY is one step closer to be real. Nevertheless, there are still many things to solve in order to that being possible. And that is to be expected, it would feel very forced if they just get reunited in the finale. That would be a gigantic “Deus ex Machina”.

Besides, as I have said before (more than once), this volume is a transition one. I strongly think that it is probably that many fans will feel disappointed after the finale due to the amount of loose ends that there will be.

It is understandable that after what happened in volume 3, many fans wished everything to get solved in the next volume. However, from the opening of volume 4 it was clear that Salem’s arc was going to take its time to end.

Well, let’s start talking about this episode. The only think I disliked of it was the reencounter between Cinder and Tyrian. As I have already said, despite the fact that she killed Pyrrha, I just can’t stop being a fan of Cinder. Because of that, I was hoping she humiliating him as revenge for what he did to her, back in episode one.

Nevertheless, it is obvious that Cinder is far from being in control of her new powers; even Salem’s patience is starting to run out. I even thought that Tyrian was going to be killed due to his failure, but the scorpion got lucky, although his mental state got worse… and that is saying something.

The rest of the episode was really great. It is true that by covering too many storylines, each one got only a few minutes; however, the scenes were powerful, and the underneath message of all of them was delivered. A reencounter is close.

Weiss finally did what the fandom wanted and left the manor. Yang is fully recovered both physically and mentally. Moreover, she has decided to take action. I have to say now that I thought Taiyang would travel with her, but I guess he has his own agenda. Perhaps, that is why he was so interested in knowing which path Yang was going to take.

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On the other hand, Blake’s heart has started to open towards Sun. Will this ship be canon? Even Ghira’s attitude has softened. And it had to be expected, Sun got hurt while protecting her daughter. By the way, I loved the lecture Sun gave to Blake. She deserved it. I just have had enough of her being a martyr, enough of her trying to get away from her friends «to protect them», and enough of her getting to make her friends’ choices. Sun said what we all wanted to say.

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A great cliffhanger

Finally, the episode ended with the reunion of Team RNJR, along with the arrival of the beast. I have to say it, that Grimm is really scary. By the way, great idea to use a demon as base this time instead of an animal, that in case that is confirmed that the Nuckelavee inspired them.

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Honestly, I fear for the entire group, mainly for Qrow, and then for Nora and Ren. Although to be frank, all of them are in danger, grave danger. They all could even get killed, although that would be an unlikely scenario. I don’t think Ruby is going to die, not yet at least.

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Predictions time… I don’t think Yang, Weiss and/or Blake are going to get there on time. In fact, it is unclear if Blake is going to go there. If someone could have the chance of helping them, that would be Raven. Oscar and Winter could get there too. However, Oscar is not strong enough yet, and it would feel too convenient seeing Winter saving the day.

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Only Qrow’s sister could interfere without losing the coherence of the plot. The question is, will she do it? We will have to wait and see the volume finale, and this finale promises to be filled with emotions.

This episode was a great prelude for what is about to come. And, I hate to say this, I feel that what is about to come is going to be filled with darkness. See you in my next review.

By Shougo Amakusa (@shougoamakusa)
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