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RWBY chibi s02e23: Rooster Teeth took us by surprise

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(Lechería, November 27. O’kuroku).- When it was least expected, Rooster Teeth caught us off guard with a very special, entertaining, and funny episode of RWBY chibi.

If episode 23 of season 1 was extraordinary with Nora taking a peep to the real world, this episode 23 of season 2 raised the bet and made Nora to actually travel to the real world. By the way, it was cool that they made both episodes to be related.

On the other hand, I have to say that this episode reminded me Toy Story 2 (do you remember the toy store scene?), although the approach used this time was a mystery/horror one. It seems that RWBY chibi’s world is just a simulation… does that apply to RWBY’s world as well?

Not to mention that, according to Ruby herself, the humans (known as “the giants”) worship RWBY’s characters and their lives. Well, that part is true since the CRWBY has indeed invested a lot of time, money, and effort in this franchise.

By the way, the best part came afterwards. The person, known as “the great one”, who pulled out everybody from that simulation was…. Pyrrha!!! Well, a Pyrrha plushy to be precise. It was really cool to see RWBY characters worshiping our beloved red-haired hero… it also gave me the shivers, though.

Finally, the episode had its The Matrix moment when Jaune offered Nora a choice… although I think the whole Pyrrha-as the great one thing was too much for Nora to handle, and she decided to get back to her box… I mean the simulation… I mean her world. Sadly, some seconds later she realized that no one can escape from the matrix.

It was a funny episode, and the best part was that no one was expecting it. It was so funny that Barbara had a hard time trying not to laugh when she was acting her part as herself. A great idea and a better execution, I am still smiling. See ya in my next review.

By Shougo Amakusa (@shougoamakusa)
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