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RWBY chibi s02e21: Is Nora a Yandere?

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(Lechería, October 13th. O’kuroku).- The Halloween special of RWBY chibi was just fantastic. Specially because, it was finally revealed the true nature of the hammer girl?

The three sketches were good, but the best part undoubtedly was watching Nora like a fairy tale witch, while showing her Yandere nature. However, let’s talk about the episode from the beginning.

The first part began with a Geist trying to perform a sneak attack on the sisters by possessing a pumpkin. Really? Attacking Ruby and Yang with food? Someone didn’t watch episode 1 of Volume 2, otherwise he would have known that his idea was a terrible one.

After the appetizer, we went straight away to the main dish. Excellent idea and better execution. I think almost everybody was caught by surprise by the fact that Ren was actually inside the cauldron… and the impact was even bigger by watching Nora’s behavior afterwards.

I won’t deny that the scene gave me the shivers. The contrast between the Nora we usually see and that Nora was just huge. I hope that was only a Halloween effect. It was that, right? A Yandere Nora is something way too dangerous.

Finally, for dessert, we knew that Ruby’s birthday is precisely October 31… Yes, of course she tried to use that to her own advantage. Unfortunately, the others couldn’t stand that and the payback time arrived quickly… and oh my goodness that was a sweet revenge!

Summarizing, it was an awesome episode that made me laugh a lot. Now we are one episode away from the season finale, and the countdown for RWBY Volume 5 continues. See ya next time!

By Shougo Amakusa (@shougoamakusa)
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