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RWBY chibi s02e20: Has Roman become unemployed?

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(Lechería, September 3rd. O’kuroku).- This was just great. The last episode of RWBY chibi kept me laughing from beginning to end. It was hard to keep calmed with all the stuff that were happening.

I have to say this: The “Junior Detectives” segment is one of the best segments of the show; these guys rarely fail (in making us laugh, at least). And if we add Jaune to the mix, the result is an unbeatable success.

On the other hand, since the fight they had on the main series, Qrow x Winter shipping has reached the stars. Despite the fact they have barely interacted ever since, a big part of the fandom wish badly that they become an official couple.

That’s why seeing them interact, at least indirectly, in RWBY chibi is just awesome. By the way, despite the fact she didn’t solve the puzzle properly I would rather be with Yang than Sun, in a similar scenario.

And for the great finale we got the most loved villains in the series. Yes, I love Cinder in RWBY chibi, I do. The main show is another issue… (Well, I love her there too anyway…)

Those sketchs with her, Roman and Neo are gorgeous. Well, any segment with Neo is brilliant by itself. I really could not stop laughing with all the beat-my-enemies-with-music stuff. Watching Cinder suffering thanks to her allies’ incompetence was priceless.

Ah, before I forget, the countdown has not stopped. Only 11 days remain before RWBY volume 5 premiere. Are you ready for the action? See you next time!

By Shougo Amakusa (@shougoamakusa)
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