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RWBY chibi s02e03 to 07: The beginning of this season is having ups and downs

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(Lechería, July 2nd. Yakuza Webzine).- One of the trademarks of the first season of RWBY chibi was its ups and downs; and this season is starting in the same way, although the changes are being more frequent.

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This spinoff was born to show our favorite characters in comic situations, which could not being part of the main show. Besides, it is obvious that the writers were always searching new scenarios to develop.

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The consequences of this search was that sometimes we had episodes with a lower level compared with the others. However, these episodes were rare and had almost no impact on the overall score for the show.

Nevertheless, after a strong start given by two awesome first episodes, the next two could not keep the level and the show lost impact. Again, I have to say that this is a natural consequence of being in search of new ways to make us laugh. It would be so much worse if they just kept repeating the same gags again, again and again.

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Luckily, the last three episodes have been really great. Shorts such as “Fearless Hero”, “Whistle”, “Super Besties”, and “Evil Class” make us love this series. In addition, those shorts are the result of the natural trial and error present in a search process.

It was awesome watching Jaune as a true Batman-like hero (although at the end he was the Jaune we all know). It was hilarious watching Blake confronting Ruby for the dog whistle, and it was great witnessing Ruby as she hypnotized her friends. Not to mention how funny was watching Cinder while teaching.

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After this intense roller coaster, I am obviously waiting for the next episode to see what is going to happen with our beloved heroes (and villains) in their tiniest version. Moreover, we cannot forget that the fifth volume of RWBY is one week closer.

By Shougo Amakusa (@shougoamakusa)
If you want to watch the show you can do it in the official website.

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