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RWBY v07e01 When you are poor but suddenly find a Penny

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(Lechería, November 9, O’kuroku).- After a long wait RWBY is finally back and oh boy, it definitely rose the stakes. This episode was an outstanding premiere that made everything worthy.


First things first. Visually, this episode was way above the charts, CRWBY has done it again. They are showing that it was no joke when I said they were getting better and better. It is amazing what they are capable of doing right now on Maya, it is like they own the software.

The colors, the character design, the animation, the lights, the shadows, the expressions, the gestures, everything was perfect. If you only consider the technical aspects, this episode was mind blowing.

Luckily, the good stuff didn’t end there. The fighting sequence was marvelous. I thought that it was hard to beat the fight sequence of Raven Vs Cinder, but this one was way above that one. The movements, the choreography, the physics, the directing, all the elements were treated carefully and the result was astonishing.

Regarding the plot, apparently, it was more or less what you could have expected. Paranoia is reigning in Atlas because Ironwood is being controlled by his fear. Sadly, the people is paying the price of that and you can even see some signs that indicate a revolt could arise at any moment.

Keep in mind that I said “apparently”. After all, this is only episode one so it is kind of reckless to jump into conclusions this soon. Let us wait and see if the next episodes confirm this panorama.


However, all of that pale in the presence of the best thing of this episode. Ladies and Gentlemen Penny is back!!!!! And Oh My God She looks amazing, not only her new design is awesome, but she is even more powerful than before. It is clear that her father did a great job bringing her back from the dead.

In all honesty, this is not that surprising. Since the very first day she allegedly died, the fandom started theorizing she might come back in the future. That’s why her “death” was not as painful and hard to digest as Pyrrha’s.

Finally, I have to address the whole Qrow’s new voice actor thing. After the announce of Rooster Teeth ending its relationship with Vic Mignogna, a lot of speculation arose. Some people said Qrow was going to die (or disappear) to avoid having to replace the actor after 6 volumes, while others said Rooster Teeth was going to take the risk of introducing a new voice actor.

In the end, the second option won and now we have Jason Liebrecht who has the big responsibility of taking one of the most important roles of the series. Before saying what I think about his performance I have to let you know that taking a role after 6 volumes/seasons is not easy, and if that role is a main one then the problem gets even more complicated.

Nevertheless, I have to say that Liebrecht is doing a good job so far. Although there were moments where he couldn’t reproduce Qrow’s voice properly, for most of the lines it was hard to tell we were hearing a new voice actor.

Of course, it is a sin to write a review of RWBY without talking of its music. The new opening song is good, although it is below the first one which remains on top, and the background music during the fight sequence nailed it.


Now, speaking of the opening, RWBY is finally getting back the anime vibe it had in the beginning. I have to admit the show lost lots of it in the last three volumes, but it appears it is finally back. This new opening is heavily anime influenced and during this episode the anime vibe was strong, even during the fight sequence that feeling was present.

So, summarizing, we had a gorgeous premiere with nice surprises and a rise in the overall quality of the show. What can I say? I am glad RWBY is back. See ya in my next review.

By Jacinto Muñoz (@shougoamakusa)

If you want to watch the show you can do it in the official website.

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