Inicio English Square Enix ran FFXV’s engine on Switch… didn’t go as expected

Square Enix ran FFXV’s engine on Switch… didn’t go as expected

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(Orlando, September 5th, O’kuroku).- Hajime Tabata director Final Fantasy XV (FFXV) confirmed his team tried to run the game’s tech on Nintendo Switch but they couldn’t get the desired results.

Will we have FFXV port for Switch?

Tabata explained that his team tested the Luminous Engine on the Switch. Moreover, «it couldn’t bring out the most of the engine».

Tabata said that it doesn’t mean a port can’t happen. He also clarified that no specific optimisations were made to account for the Switch’s power, which could allow for the full game to run, but no further tests were done.


Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition

It seems that Switch will receive the episodic Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition beginning on mobile platforms this Fall. A move Tabata told certainly has «a chance» of happening.

That might not be some bad news, even though, we called the chibi-style Pocket Edition a surreal remake.

That project could mark the end of the over decade-long development of FFXVTabata mentioned that «at the end of the year, I think we do have to have a drawing of the line and moving on to do the next project.»

By Manuel Rodriguez (@Marv_365)

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